Watch: Lion Cuddling With The Tourist Like A House Cat


Tourist at a safari adventure park in Crimea received a warm welcome from a lion who jumped on them to offer a hug.

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Tourist at a safari adventure park in Crimea received a warm welcome from a lion who jumped on them to offer some cuddles. Proving that all cats love cuddling, this wildcat jumped onto an open-sided vehicle that was carrying tourists at the Taigan Safari Park and surprisingly, like a baby kitten, the four-legged meat-eater hugged the visitors. The tourists were also seen showing love to the animal for his adorable gesture as they were laughing and petting him. However, there was also one frightened woman who was seen hopping out of the vehicle as the lion fits in.

In the video, the lion named Filya was seen sitting in close proximity when the cart carrying tourists reaches. He is then seen coming to the cart and hugged the driver of the cart. Soon after being over with him he is then seen jumping on the tourists sitting in the car. In fact, the lion, like a pup licks the face of one of the women sitting in the vehicle. In fact, the cuddly predator not only welcomed the guests but even tried to get behind the wheel for the tour. The park authorities recorded the heartwarming encounter and the footage of the same has gone viral on the internet.

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Netizens are overwhelmed with the lion's adorable gesture and reactions from all over the globe are being shared online. Since Saturday, September 1, the videos have collected a huge number of views and are flooded with comments. However, people on the internet also expressed their doubt about how safe it is to cuddle with a predator. After all, an animal with all capacity to eat a human head is rarely seen cuddling like a house cat. 

Here's how Twitterati reacted to the video:

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The Taigan Safari Park is famous for offering visitors very close interactions with the big cats. This place is a home for both dangerous and harmless wild animals. However, it is very difficult to presume the mood swings of a wildcat since media reports state that just a few weeks ago this, a lion named Vitya had bitten a woman's arm at the same park.

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