Work Culture And Etiquette: Things You Should Never Say At Workplace


Work culture and etiquette play a very important role in how you behave in your office. Read on to know things you should never say at your workplace.

Written By Krupa Trivedi | Mumbai | Updated On:
Work culture

Work etiquette varies from company to company and being a professional one must adhere to the rules. However, there are a few basic unsaid rules that work in every company. To communicate with confidence and credibility at your workplace, here are five things that you should never say at work.

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It’s not my job

It happens with everyone when the boss asks you to do something that is not related at all to what you do. But, when you say “It's not my job”, you are not only being rude but also giving out a wrong impression. Instead, analyse why your superior has handed over why that particular job was assigned to you. Who knows, it might be a good challenge for you as well.

It’s not my fault

When your boss comes to you with a concern they have about your work, not taking responsibility is a big no-no. It is also a bad practice to blame others for your performance or problems. Instead, take the feedback from your boss and work on it with an open mind.

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It's just a joke

This statement comes when you have cracked a joke that has not gone down well with the other person. If the person you have cracked a joke on, gets offended, it is better to apologise and make amends rather than dismissing the idea as a 'joke'. What might be a joke to you, might not be the same for others.

I will try

By saying “I'll try” at the workplace is simply indicating “I cannot do it”. Instead, say I will make sure that I do my level best. When you say, I will try, you are implying that you have been given an unachievable task which you have no option but to accept it

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