5 Interesting Facts About Milton Hershey's Legacy And Hershey Town


For all the Hershey's kisses fans, here are five interesting facts about Milton Hershey's legacy of Hershey town in Pennsylvania we bet you did not know about.

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Many know and love Hershey’s kisses. The chocolates are a favourite for all. But how many know that there is a town named after it? Here are five interesting things to know about the Hershey town:

Hershey town in Pennsylvania is named after its founder, Milton Hershey

Milton Hershey is the man behind the product, Hershey’s which also derived its name from the maker. Not only that, but Milton Hershey also built a township around his Hershey’s factory which is now almost like a pilgrimage for chocolate-lovers everywhere. To provide his employees with facilities and amenities to live with their family, Mr Hershey built homes, quality school, public transport and other recreational opportunities.

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Hersheypark in Milton Hershey’s town was initially supposed to be a picnic area

The big, chocolate-themed amusement park known as Hersheypark in Hershey Pennsylvania. They are a big attraction in the town. However, this place was originally a picnic ground for Milton Hershey’s employees and their families. Now that the amusement park has replaced the picnic ground, Hershey Entertainment & Resort’s employees still receive free admission to Hersheypark.

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Milton Hershey opened a school for his employees’ children

Milton Hershey School was established by Mr Hershey and his wife in 1909 to provide education to the children of his employees. The school is cost-free, private, and offers co-education to its students. While Milton Hershey himself was a fourth-grade dropout, he made sure his employees’ children do not have the same dark fate.

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Hershey’s Garden was supposed to be a little garden of roses

The majestic garden in Milton Hershey’s town was originally supposed to be just a little garden of roses for Milton Hershey’s wife, Catherine. But that’s not how it is now. Today, the place has about 23 acres of trees, flowers and other botanical attractions. There is also a conservatory and tropical Butterfly Atrium.

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Hershey’s town may not have reached its present glory

Milton Hershey and his wife, Catherine had booked tickets to board the Titanic ship which had tragically sunk in 1911 on its Maiden Voyage. However, some emergency came up and the couple had to return home instead. There are two theories for their return- either Catherine was sick or Hershey had some pressing business matter. Whatever it might be, they did not board the ship and escaped the gruesome fate of its passengers.

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