5 Things You Must Keep In Mind Before You Plan A Monsoon Trek


Monsoon may not be commuters' favorite during the busy office days but weekends tell a different story as the Mumbaikars take up trek-trips to the Western Ghats

Written By Diyali Banerjee | Mumbai | Updated On:
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Monsoon may not be commuters' favorite during the busy office days, but weekends tell a different story altogether. This time of the week monsoon only looks like a boon to Mumbaikars as the trek plans initiate.

Moving far away from the hustle bustle of the city life, a breath of fresh air in the Ghats seems to be quiet relieving for sure.

Talking about the benefits of trekking in the Monsoon, Prateek Deo, a Mumbai-based trekker says, "Maharashtra is the only place in the world where monsoon is considered to be a good season to trek. Even if you get wet, you don't feel cold since the basic temperature remains at 30 degree Celsius. The mountains turn lush green, there are clouds through which you trek, waterfalls all around, there are stunning streams flowing, which is a very pleasing site to see. Moreover, it's a great feeling to watch and enjoy the waterfall."

Amidst, the lush-green trees, when you trek up through the rocky lane to the old forts and amazing viewpoints here are some tips that you should always keep in mind.

Prefer trekking in a group 

Solo trips always sound like a good plan, but a solo trek during monsoon isn't a great idea. As the surroundings are usually damp due to the weather, there are high chances of slipping and to avoid such accidents it is better to have someone for a company in the lonely hills. And also treks are fun when you have a companion with you. 

Research the routes before the trek 

Make sure to research about the place you are visiting and its route before you start the trek to avoid inconvenience. Know the hill you are about to climb to have an idea of how it's gonna treat you during your trek. Moreover, if you have some prior knowledge about the historical significance of the place, it will enhance your experience.

Carry food that gives you a quick energy boost 

Trekking is a tiresome activity that needs a lot of energy, so it's important to carry some light food items, like a granola bar or glucose, that can provide an instant energy boost when required in the wild hills. 

Sharing one of his similar experience, Prateek adds, "Once we were trekking to Torna fort near Pune, it rained very heavily, which disrupted our schedule. By the time we reached the base village we were very hungry since our food reserves had run out. And there were no shops around for us to buy anything."

However, they survived the cold and wet as they were welcomed by the local villagers who provided them with snacks and tea. 

Although enough water is available during the rains, it is a better idea to carry drinking water on the trek.

Invest in your trek outfit 

On monsoon treks in Maharashtra, it is vital to set out in a right outfit. One must avoid wearing clothes that would have been opted for a normal outing, like jeans or shorts, and go for trek pants that dry up easily during the rains. A good pair of trekking shoes is a must as sandals or any other casual footwear won't be able to handle the terrain.However, waterproof shoes are always the best bet during the rains.

Carry just the necessary 

While it is important to carry the necessary items on the trek, including an extra pair of clothes, food, water, first aid box, and gear, it is also very important to make sure not to overload the bag, as extra weight slows down the movement.

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