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"A Gift To The Planet": Global Sikh Community Embarks On 'Million Tree Project' To Pay Tribute To Guru Nanak Ahead Of His 550th Birth Anniversary


Taking step towards the environment, Sikh community around the world to plant a million tress in the year 2019, a tribute to the 550th Birth Anniversary of Sikh founder Guru Nanak

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Taking step towards a greener environment, the global Sikh community has taken a vow to plant a million trees in the year 2019, ahead of the 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak 

The project, titled the 'Million Tree Project', coordinated by Washington DC-based environmental organisation 'EcoSikh', is campaigning to give a "gift to the entire planet".

As per PTI, Sikhs living in UK, US, Australia, Kenya and India are a part of this initiative, with an aim to bring people closer to the environment and decrease environmental damage. School children are also a part of the initiative - they were informed about the importance of trees in the environment and the need for humans to be in tandem with nature. 

"We want to mark the anniversary in a significant way. Guru Nanak was a nature lover. He had talked about nature as a manifestation of God and many of his writings talk about how we need to learn lessons of life from nature," Rajwant Singh, the president of the Washington DC-based environmental organisation 'EcoSikh', said.

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In India, Sikhs in the state of Punjab will plant 550 saplings in every village of the state, PTI reported. A Facebook post by Jaswinder Mathru said that various other organisations, irrespective of faiths are coming together to be a part of the initiative. A common motive shared between different groups is the reduction of Carbon Dioxide in the air to reduce the effects of global warming.

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The initiative that completed its first phase roughly a month ago, has already planted 220 trees around US and approximately a thousand trees around the world.

"As Sikhs, our connection to the environment is an integral part of our faith and identity. Future generations will benefit from the fruits of our labour, symbolising peace, friendships and continuity for generations to come,” Palvinder Singh Chana, the chair of Sikh Union Coventry added.

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