Six Signs That Define A True Backpacker


Backpackers are those who hike or travel with their belongings in a rucksack, pick up their bags and leave. Here are some signs that define a true backpacker.

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Travelling with only a backpack is the best way to define a backpacker. Backpackers are those who hike or travel with their belongings in a rucksack. To others, travelling means staying in a five-star hotel or going out with a suitcase for business travels. However, a backpacker is someone who is very different from these types of travellers. So, how do you know the difference? Well, read below to know.

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6 signs of a true backpacker

They don’t need a map

Backpackers are people who normally just pick up their bags and leave. They choose unconventional and unexplored places over others. They do not need a map. For them, it is getting on the road and go where the heart goes.

They never feel lonely

As a backpacker, one always has to interact with random people in one's way. Hence, backpackers have this gift of making friends randomly and not feeling lonely if there is no one. You can also make the best memories with unexpected people you meet in your way during long trips. True backpackers enjoy and replenish travelling, even alone.

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Their favourite word is 'free'

Free meals, free rides or free meals — backpackers love them all. They crave for such things wherever they go. Also, these things are cost-cutting. Backpackers are great at cutting costs for everything they spend on, and it cannot be controlled.

They find it easy to detach from a person or a place

For a backpacker,  goodbyes are more like beginnings and not the end. They have a different way of building relationships without getting too attached to a person or a destination. Others may call it numb, but it is just life to them. Hence, they are the happiest when travelling alone or with unknown people.

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They feel irritated about working full-time in office

It makes backpackers feel sick of thinking about going to the office eight hours a day. The routine of five days a week in full corporate attire is so boring for them. They feel that the best way to experience the world is to be outside in the real world where all the action is happening.

They love to explore your neighbourhood

A great explorer can be a great backpacker as well. Backpackers should have a sufficient amount of interest to appreciate the most mundane of things, like your own locality. A backpacker generally has a detailed knowledge of his/her own city. The best thing is that a backpacker can survive anywhere without getting bored. 

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