From Highway Through A Building To 300 Kit Kat Flavours, Here Are 9 Amusing Things In Japan


Offering the best of both worlds, traditional and modern, Japan also has a lot of things out of the world. Here’s a list of 9 weird, insane things you probably did not know about the Samurai-county!

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With a culture deep-rooted in traditions, Japan is also everything futuristic and modern. Offering the best of both worlds, past and future, Japan also has a lot of things out of the world. Here’s a list of 9 weird, insane things you probably did not know about the 'Samurai' country!

1. Real-life Mario Karts

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While everyone loves everything about the classic game, Mario, Japan took it to the next level. It is only in Japan that you can see real Mario Karts being driven around. People can even dress up as one of the Mario characters and go for a ride in their carts. It is as normal as that! The game was developed by Nintendo company and it first came out in 1983.

2. Futuristic Toilets

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Japan is a country of extremes. While the use of traditional squatting toilets is very much prevalent, Japan is known for its futuristic toilets. The toilet seat can be warmed or lowered according to the user preference. These sophisticated, electronic toilets have buttons providing the option of front wash, backwash, or both. It provides various other features at the press of a button. 

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3. Capsule Hotel

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Japan is a small country which witnesses many tourists and business travellers. To accommodate the rising number of travellers in a limited space, a new concept of capsule hotels took shape in the country. Unlike any other accommodations, these minimalistic, capsule-shaped rooms have all the essential amenities with a bed, lights and a TV. Lockers are provided separately for storing any items of the guest.

4. World’s Shortest Escalator

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The Japanese are considered the most technologically advanced people. Two C’s which are most important to them are cleanliness and comfort. So much so, that it is home to world’s shortest escalator. Located in the basement of a ‘More’ department store in Kawasaki, Japan - it has only five steps. This escalator takes you down and weirdly, there is a set of normal steps which you have to descent immediately afterwards.

5. A highway through a building

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Yes. Japan has a highway that goes right through a building. The highway is built through floors five to seven of the Gate Tower Building in Osaka. Owners have noise-proofed the walls so the sound of the traffic does not hinder the work atmosphere inside the building. Weird yet interesting - the Hanshin Expressway is one of its kind in the world.

6. Sleep during work : 'Inemuri'

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Japan is famously known as the ‘country that doesn’t sleep' and its people are known for their punctuality and hard-work. Crazy for their work, Japan has the culture of ‘Inemuri’ i.e. ‘sleeping on the job’. To be more accurate, it means ‘being present while asleep’, which translates to taking short naps during working hours. In Japan, people who sleep during work are considered to be the most hard working in the company. 

7. More than 300 flavours of Kit-Kat

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Japan is one such country that loves to experiment with flavours and foods. And reportedly, it has more than 300 flavours of KitKat including maccha milk, blueberry cheesecake, baked potato and even soybean and pumpkin. ‘Kit Kat’ in Japan is connoted with ‘kitto katsu’ which basically means good luck. These chocolates are the first choice for the gifts to students.

8. Parasite Museum

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Adding to the list is a museum in Japan that is solely dedicated to parasites. It exhibits the vast diversity of parasites and studies it closely. Parasites are organisms which live off another organism (host) to fuel its life cycle.

9. Godzilla: an official citizen of Japan

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A famous monster originating from Japanese series, Godzilla was made an official resident of the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo. It was granted a Japanese citizenship in 2015 and declared a cultural ambassador of the country.

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