Germany To Australia, These 11 Countries Let You Drive With An Indian Driving License


Germany, Australia, The United Kingdom, and these other countries allow Indians to drive in their countries with an Indian Driving License. Read below

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Everyone loves road trips and the joy that comes along with it. Driving through various destinations is an adventure in itself. Have you ever imagined the excitement of driving in the streets of a different country altogether wherein you are good to go with your Indian license? Here is a list of 11 countries where you can drive around with an Indian driving license.

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1) Germany

  • In Germany, an Indian driving license holder can easily drive until 6 months.
  • A learner’s license would not work in Germany, you need a permanent Indian driving licence.

2) The United Kingdom

  • The United Kingdom permits an Indian Driving License holder to drive in their country for 12 months.
  • If you exceed the span of 12 months, then you have to apply for the United Kingdom’s driving license.

3) The United States of America

  • Like Great Britain, you can also drive in the United States of America for a span of 1 year, as long at the license is valid and most importantly in English.
  • You also need to carry along a copy of the I-94 form, which marks the date on which you entered the country.

4) Australia

  • You can drive in the streets of Australia with an Indian driving license for a period of 3 months. The license should be in English language.

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5) New Zealand

  • Just like the USA and the UK, you can rent a car and drive in the streets of New Zealand for one year. However, the government has been contemplating on changing the rule for years now.

6) South Africa

  • Indians citizens who are visiting South Africa can drive in the country using a valid Indian driving license or the International driving license.
  • However, the license should have your photo which is not old than 5 years and your signature.

7) Malaysia

  • Malaysia also permits an Indian citizen with a valid driving license to rent a car and drive in the country for one year.

8) Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong allows you to drive through the country for 12 months too with a valid driving license

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9) Sweden

  • If your license is not printed in English, French, or German then you need to carry a translated version of it to drive and explore Sweden by yourself.

10) Singapore

  • If you are planning to drive for a shorter span of time then a separate driving license is not needed, the Indian driving licence will work

11) Switzerland

  • One year of driving permit in Switzerland is given to Indian citizens with valid Indian driving license

If you are planning a trip to any of these countries, and also want to rent a car and go on a drive with your loved ones, all you need to do is take along your license and the streets of these countries are all yours to wander around with no one bothering you.

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