Here Are Some The Best Attractions And Time Of Ladakh Festivals


Here is a glimpse of some of the famous and vibrant Ladakh festivals that you need to know about. Losar, Ladakh Festival, and many more to explore and read on.

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Ladakh Festivals

Ladakh, the land covered with snow peaks and overwhelming passes, is one of the beautiful places to visit. Many of us are not aware of the customs and festivals of Ladakh are one of the most alluring things in the city.

So, here is a glimpse of some of the famous and vibrant Ladakh festivals that you need to know about.

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Best Ladakh Festivals That Celebrate the Life in the Valley


Losar festival is one of the most popular Ladakh festivals, which is celebrated to welcome the New Year. It has various kinds of cultural events, rituals, and exciting performances. Losar festival is marked by the lightning of the holy fire, humming of mantras and donning of colourful robes.

  • Ladakh festivals time: December


One of the most famous winter Ladakh festivals, Dosmoche is celebrated to safeguard the safety and well-being of the locality of Ladakh. This two-day festival was started by the royals of Ladakh. During this festival, lamas belonging to monasteries who are specialists in the exercise of astrology and tantric, prepare the 'Thread Crosses', an offering which is believed to eliminate away all evil forces.

  • Ladakh festivals time: February

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Stok Guru Tsechu

Stok Guru Tsechu is another winter Ladakh festival. It is famous as dance and mask festivals of Ladakh. It is also celebrated for two days at the Stok monastery, and it commences on the ninth day next to the Tibetan New Year. The attraction of this festival is dances, prayers, food, and music.

  • Ladakh festivals time: February

Hemis Tsechu

One of the most special positioned cultural Ladakh festivals, Hemis Tsechu is also the best one. Hemis Tsechu is a two-day festival that includes colourful and thrilling mask dances by the lamas of Hemis monastery. The dances here at the Ladakh festival are adorned in fine silk costumes and colourful masks. These things are symbolic of the guardian divinities to which Hemis belongs.

  • Ladakh festivals time: July

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Ladakh Festival

Ladakh Festival is one of the biggest and famous Ladakh festivals that attracts lots of tourists and travellers. This festival marks various performances from all over the world that offers and displays amazing cultures.

One can see cultural programs, impressive dance performances, and magnificent robes everywhere you look. This festival is for two weeks and this entire period is attracting many religious processions at the monasteries which are visited by many participants. The main attractions of this Ladakh Festivals are masked dances, archery and polo competitions, and concert.

  • Ladakh festivals time: September 

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