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Hidden Treasures Around The World That Are Yet To Be Explored. Details Here

Hidden treasures including Nazi gold train and New Mexico desert created a lot of buzz. Therefore, here are 5 best places which are not yet discovered.

hidden treasures

Treasure hunting sounds fascinating not only to the youngsters but also to older people. This concept enhances the imagination for something mysterious or surprising thing to happen. From deep seas to sky-high mountains, every place is buried with hidden secrets. For adventure freaks, we have listed down the undiscovered treasures from around the world. 

Top 5 places with real hidden treasures that are yet to be discovered:

1. Nazi Gold Train, Southern Poland 

According to a local fable, it is known that there was a train filled with the stolen precious goods. Nazis had underground channels and they directed the train to the Southern part of Poland towards the Owl Mountains which had its underground facility. More than five years ago, two men claimed to have discovered the hidden treasure. However, despite long-time research, the search for previous loots was proven unsuccessful. 

2. New Mexico

During the Great Depression, Leon Trabuco and his work partners hid about 16 tons of gold in the desert. According to a report, they assumed that the price of gold might increase during the depression. Therefore, they held the maximum quantity of gold that would make them rich. However, later on, the laws were changed. After the Great Depression, the private ownership of gold was considered illegal. It is known that after this act, Leon Trabuco and his business partner were found dead. But the gold is still buried somewhere in the desert of New Mexico. 

3. Rocky Mountains 

Forrest Fenn, a renowned art dealer, hid more than a million pounds’ worth of plunder in the Rocky Mountains. He created mystery by writing a short poem in his memoir to guide people with subtle hints and help them discover the treasure. This created a lot of buzz in 2010 when the memoir got released. According to reports, two people died while searching for the hidden treasure.

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4. Straits of Malacca

Flor de la Mar got caught in the storm while returning from the Malaysian port. The Portuguese ship drowned near the coast of Sumatra and buried about 2 billion pounds worth of previous good with it. Although numerous expeditions have occurred to search the colossal ship and treasure, nothing could be found.

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5. Key West 

According to reports, various ships and boats were wrecked because of a hurricane. Among them, cargo ships were loaded with gold, silver and other expensive goods. It is known that they were carrying spoils worth $7 million. While 1985 proved to be a great year for Mel Fisher, as the treasure hunter successfully discovered about $500 million worth of the treasure. However, as per the experts, there are several things which are yet to be found. 

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