Manila: Here Are Four Top Things To Do In The Gorgeous City Of Manila


Manila is thriving as a city full of picturesque locations. Boasting of the developing metro city, the humble skyscrapers stand on the robust foundation. Read:

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After overcoming every natural and human-made disaster, Manila, the gorgeous city stands proud with its high-rise buildings. Amidst bustling streets, Manila is thriving as a city full of picturesque locations. Boasting of the developing metro city, the humble skyscrapers stand on the robust foundation laid by hardworking locals. This city has a lot to offer from innovative handicraft markets to aromatic coffee hubs. Manila is striving to keep the metro city alive with joyful souls and lively vibes.


1.      Fort Santiago

Bordering the tranquil Pasig River, Fort Santiago is filled with lush green grass and royal fountain leading to the gate and a gorgeous weeny lily pond. This place has a Rizal Shrine museum where Dr Jose Rizal was jailed more than one century ago. It also showcases Rizal’s home furniture and dungeon cell in which he spent his last night.

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2.      Van Gogh is Bipolar

This interesting restaurant is brimming with creative artworks. Run by an artist, Van Gogh is Bipolar restaurant serves scrumptious delicacies in a tiny and closed surrounding. The food in this unique place consists of ingredients which are mood-uplifting and provide natural healing. Filled with soothing fragrance, VGB is super-crowded during the weekends and also needs a reservation on the regular days.

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3.      San Agustin Church

Beating the destruction caused by time, the San Agustin Church proudly stands intact. Boasting of its rich and grandeur interiors, this church is adorned with classic objects with immense historical values. This place is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines and has stood against major disasters. Owing to its large area with royal settings, San Agustin Church is much in demand for big events and family occasions.

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4.      Purple Yam Restaurant

Infused with authentic local flavours, the Purple Yam restaurant is based out of New York. This dine-in place offers reservation system where you cannot arrive without booking a table. This cosy and classy restaurant is known for its non-vegetarian delicacies including shellfish and roasted pig. But you can also opt for a fresh salad with amazing seasonal fruits and healthy greens.

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