This 'vacation Goals' Face-off Between Parineeti Chopra And Ranveer Singh Is A Contest For The Ages!


Australia and Switzerland have picked their champions. The stage is set. The pictures are clicked. Time to blow the whistle!

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Updated On:

Over the last decade or so we've seen Bollywood go completely global, and not just limited to the Khans either. Anil Kapoor played a key role in the final season of 24, Priyanka Chopra is headlining her own show, Deepika has starred opposite Vin Diesel, and a whole lot more. 

On the commercial side too, B-Town stars are finding a lot of success abroad, and of the lot we know so well, two household names are currently showing us just how much fun can be had at work!

Parineeti Chopra is a 'Friend of Australia', while Ranveer Singh is an ambassador for Switzerland. And the pair's Instagram feeds are currently completely filled with the most gorgeous photos bringing us the best of two very geographically, geologically and ecologically different tourism hotspots.

It feels like Parineeti and Ranveer are engaged in some form of face-off... so let's see who's winning in a best-of-seven contest:

Round 1: The standing on a balcony with a stunning background picture:

This is hard. Ranveer has a Swiss lake and hanging gardens behind him. That's top notch. But Parineeti has a pool in an ocean. Pool in an ocean always wins, so Round 1 goes to Parineeti.

Round 2: I'm on top of the world!

Wow. Those are stunning pictures and locations! Parineeti has Sydney harbour and the iconic Opera house in the background. Ranveer, however, has a mountain range that's so vast we're sure there are at least 5 dimensions there!
Ranveer wins this one.

Round 3: Rustic retreats

Parineeti has a vinyard, barrels, cheese and crackers. But Ranveer has a chateau on the edge of a lake ensconced in the Alps. Ranveer takes the lead!

Round 4: Culture vultures:

Parineeti has a frieze of Bob Marley in all his hallucinagenic glory, which is trippy as anything we've ever seen. But Ranveer's impersonation of Freddy Mercury is unbeatable. Ranveer 3-1 up!

Round 5: Sitting on a boat:

Okay, Ranveer's image is absolutely everything! But Parineeti's boat can fly. Can yours, Ranveer? Doesn't seem like it! Parineeti's back in it!

Round 6: Culture Vulture 2

Okay, Ranveer does own that chateau. But it does look like it'd be a little boring. Parineeti, on the other hand, is at the MCG - a place of great spiritual significance! Parineeti's back level: 3-3

Round 7: Adventure!

Admittedly, both pictures scream 'adrenaline rush'! Ranveer's charting the Alps the old way with his team of sled dogs. However, Parineeti's snorkeling with fish that are as big as she is! She wins!

Final score: Parineeti (Australia) 4 - 3 Ranveer (Switzerland)

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