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To eliminate Jet lag that comes in your way while you travel by flight, here are some easy travel tips that you can inculcate to eliminate the problem-

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Jet lags are symptoms one experiences after a long air travel. It is characterised by inadequate sleep, oversleeping, lack of concentration, digestion problems, loss of appetite, and even nausea at times. It is often a total mood-killer and especially when you are travelling for business purposes or on a holiday.

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It is not only limited to the long duration flights, but also exhaustion and restlessness which should be combatted. To eliminate Jet lag that comes in your way while travelling, here are some tips that can help ease-out this issue-

Five super-easy tips to get over a Jet Lag 

Stay hydrated

Hydration is the key to treat jet lag during travel. You need to drink an adequate amount of water to stay hydrated because one often tends to drink less water while travelling. It is good to set an hourly alarm until you don’t head off to your destination.

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Say 'No' to alcohol, caffeine, or sleeping pills

Indulging in alcohol, caffeine or sleeping pills before your travel is a big "no-no". It is probably not a great idea to do so because you may face jet lags due to it. Also, using these items can totally dehydrate your body and there are chances that you might feel uneasy. Also, experimenting to combat jet lags with sleeping pills can result in you feel vague when you wake up.

Eat right & healthy

Eating the right food during your travel or after the flight is very essential. You must avoid eating fried or greasy food before you take your flight. Otherwise, it might make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. Opt for a light meal with lots of fruits and vegetables and you will find it easy to tackle your jet lags.

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What to wear and carry

Try to wear comfortable, loose clothes with layers so you can regulate as needed depending on the settings of the plane. Try getting along a sleep mask or earplugs along with you so you can block out disturbances from the plane and other passengers. Carry a neck pillow or blanket to sleep relaxed and stress-free while travelling.

Try choosing for overnight flights

This tip might be a difficult one to follow as most of us usually pick for the cheapest flight options. But if you feel that health is more essential than money, then try considering for overnight flights. Especially for longer routes and you may take day flights for shorter routes. This will not disturb your sleep pattern and also make you feel fresh.

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