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Weird Pizza Toppings And Pizza Combos Around The World That Are A Must-try

These weird pizza toppings and pizza combos around the world are a must-try! Read on to know more on kiwi pizzas, boba pizzas and more

weird pizza toppings

Pizzas are one of the best dishes to savor. They are easy to make and even easier to binge. Everyone is aware of the authentic pizzas that contain cheese, crust, sauce and a few staple toppings like basil, oregano, black olives but there are some joints all across the world that have taken pizza toppings to a whole other level. Listed below are some of the weird pizza toppings and weird pizza ideas and combos served at various places across the globe.

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Weird pizza toppings and weird pizza combos served in various places

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From serving humongous pizzas to kiwi topped pizzas and to even mug pizzas; weird pizzas and weird pizza toppings are everywhere. People prefer to try these weird pizza ideas and combos just to see how it turns out to be. Some of these weird pizza combos even turn out to be great dishes that become hugely famous. Below is a picture attached of a powdered sugar pizza. To some, it may sound extremely weird, but actually this one is one of the most famous pizzas served in China. 


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When it comes to weird, nothing beats this extremely weird pizza idea. This place in Sweden serves pizza with pizza toppings like kiwi, eggs and even fish. The picture below is exactly how kiwi pizza looks like. One can easily rate the pizza on the level of its weirdness based on the photo.


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That is not all, the weird ratio goes up as there comes another pizza with weird pizza toppings. This pizza has boba toppings on it. It has milk tea pearls as the topping. 


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