Zero Waste Travel Tips Helping You To Become An 'Eco-friendly Traveler'


It is very important to practice zero waste travel so that you do not harm nature. Certain points you need to make note of to follow for zero waste travel are-

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Zero waste travel

Zero waste travel is a term used for travelling eco-friendly. It involves a traveller who travels with reusable, sustainable and eco-friendly stuff. Travelling different places and exploring the world gives an exciting experience, but it is also necessary for a traveller to be eco-friendly to nature. It is an old story that travellers are poor visitors and they dispose of waste indiscriminately and hence compromise with the beauty of the place. It is very important to practice zero wasted travel so that you do not harm nature. Here are certain points you need to make note of to follow, zero waste travel technique for travelling eco-friendly.

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Tips to carry a zero waste travel kit and become an eco-friendly traveller

  • Make sure that you are trying to be creative enough while packing. Carry things that can be reused and do not carry things that can be borrowed, swapped or made yourself.
  • Be smart and keep only that stuff in your travel bag that you will eat or pack and can be disposed off naturally.
  • Pack very light, as light packing can save transport mode whichever you use, and also saves your energy. One should pack their bags purposefully, in accordance with the destination they are going.

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  • Try carrying things that are made from recycled products. It helps to build awareness about the 5 'R's: Rethink – Refuse – Reuse – Reduce – Recycle.
  • It is strictly advised not to use plastic tapes while packaging the stuff you are carrying along with you.
  • Also, try to buy all the stuff with one shop and in one go, rather than having packages sent from different places.
  • If you are fond of reading books, save trees and some money, and travel with e-books instead of books. Or you can also watch some online series.
  • Be sensible enough and do not just buy things or products because it is written ‘eco-friendly’, ‘sustainable’, ‘organic’ or ‘green’ on it. Because nowadays these words have become fashion words.

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  • If you want to confirm whether the product you are using is truly eco-friendly or sustainable, then you need to check if the brand is a certified B-Corporation.
  • A certified B-Corporation is mainly using business as a force for social, environmental, and economic good. So this is the right step and in a good direction. So not assume things, you need to read labels, read stories, ask questions, and find out.

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