Simultaneous polls is a move to weaken regional leaders

With Congress Unresponsive Over 'One Nation One Poll', TDP, TMC And A BJP-ally Voice Their Opposition. Full Details Here

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  • The Congress is yet to send an official response to the Law Commission over 'One Nation One Poll'
  • The TMC, TDP as well as BJP-ally Goa Forward Party have opposed the proposed electoral reform
  • The Law panel has called parties for a final consultation before it tables its report before the Law Ministry

Republic TV has accessed exclusive details of the massive day-long set of meetings that is taking place at the Law Commission on Saturday to discuss 'One Nation One Poll' -- the notion of holding simultaneous polls for the Lok Sabha and state assemblies. 

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The meetings is being held between 11am and 5pm on Monday and the following parties are expected to take part:

  • Samajwadi Party
  • Trinamool Congress
  • Rashtriya Lok Dal
  • Biju Janata Dal
  • DMK
  • Forward Bloc

However, the Congress hasn't yet sent an official response on the matter.

The only input that has come in from the Rahul Gandhi-led party on 'One Nation One Poll' is from Puducherry CM V Narayanasamy who opposed the move but has responded in his capacity as CM and not on behalf of the Congress.

The Trinamool Congress party's representative opposed the idea before the law panel citing legal obstacles as well as by raising questions over what would happen in case an alliance government, either at the Centre or the states, lost its majority after coming to power.

The TDP has also opposed 'One Nation One Poll', alleging that it is meant at weakening regional parties:

"Simultaneous polls is a move to weaken regional leaders. No national party is in position to form a government at the centre on its own & support of regional parties has become mandatory. Strengthening of regional parties has become a big obstacle for national parties."

"Regional parties aren't supporting simultaneous polls to protect democracy & federal structure. Earlier it was GST & recommendations of the 15th Finance Commission, now, it's simultaneous polls. All these are to increase dominance of national parties & damage regional parties."

The Goa Forward Party, which is a part of the BJP-led government in Goa, has also opposed the move, calling it impractical"

"We may be allies but we have expressed this. Suppose a CM gets elected by this process and the house gets dissolved? Then what happens? This is against regional sentiment. These issues, which happen in states and have happened in our state, need to be considered. Hence we have opposed it."

"When asked about the BJP and the Prime Minister backing simultaneous polls, the Goa Forward Party spokesperson said: Simultaneous polls should be there. His view on development is also correct. But these technicalities render it impractical."

"We are opposed because our regional issues go onto the backburner."

As per sources, the Law Commission had earlier written to the parties asking them to give their opinion on the issue. A few of them didn't reply and as a result, the commission has allowed for a final input before the report is submitted. Following the inputs being received, the final report will be submitted with the Law Ministry.

As things stand, assembly elections in Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana, Maharashtra, Odisha, Sikkim and Telangana will be held almost simultaneously with the Lok Sabha elections. Elections in the remaining states, however, are held as an ongoing process as the term of the various assemblies expires or if an election is necessitated.

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