Today we took a historic decision to adopt a Karnataka State Flag

Siddaramaiah Plays Flag Card Before Elections; Unveils Karnataka's "Naada Dwaja". Here's All You Need To Know

Written By Abhishek Nair | Mumbai | Published:


  • The Karnataka flag panel has approved a design for the state's flag
  • Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has said that he will seek approval for the flag from the Centre
  • The flag is called the 'Naada Dwaja'

The state panel that was instituted to approve a state flag for Karnataka has submitted its design to the  Siddaramaiah government, which has subsequently said that it will put the ball in the central government's court on whether to approve the flag or not.

With months, possibly weeks, remaining for elections in the state, the flag committee has approved a yellow and red 'tricolour' design called the "Naada Dwaja" which means 'flag of the land'. It has the state's emblem -- the two-headed mythical bird "Ganda Bherunda" -- in the middle.

The issue of a separate state flag for Karnataka has been a sore point between the state and the centre. The state is constitutionally allowed to have a flag so long as it is always hoisted below the National Flag. 

However, the entire scenario is also highly political as Siddaramaiah has been accused of using a number of means to drum up Kannada nationalism before the elections in the state, namely to do with the 'imposition of Hindi'. 

Watch a detailed report on the matter in the video above.

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