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Nationalist Collective – An Idea That Needed To Be Given Shape

I don’t look at Nationalist Collective as a response to the phenomenon of supporting anti-national forces & violence in name of dissent, expounds Ratan Sharda

Nationalist Collective

I am happy that a resourceful person like Arnab Goswami has taken it upon himself to bring together people who love their nation and wish to see India as the leader in the world. Arnab has a huge influence in society today for his fearless journalism and strong spine. Thus, the Nationalist Collective is bound to take concrete shape soon.

I don’t look at Nationalist Collective as a response to the phenomenon of supporting anti-national forces and violence in the name of dissent. The canvass is much bigger. The people and groups who wish to take stand against the Left Illiberals who do not mind our great nation being weakened and broken in the hope of upstaging and bringing down Modi Ji do not have a platform where they can synergise their energies so far. Indians have an inherent weakness of fighting with each other on small issues even if they have a common objective and similar feelings for the nation. Left illiberal lobby, trained well in Russian and Chinese Communist ethos, tend to be together even if one of them is accused of worst crimes. Same is true of Islamists who will never speak against their own even if he or she is caught spreading fake news or hateful ideas. Thus, we national people and opinion leaders need to stop wasting our energies on criticising each other on trivial issues but look at the larger objective of building a unified strong nation and work in our own ways with our respective strengths.

Governments in a democracy can come and go. But, so strong should be the voice of Nationalist Collective that no government should dare implement heavily biased laws in the name of secularism and social justice. No party or alliance should win on vote bank politics. No politician should dare speak against the nation when he or she wishes to oppose an incumbent Prime Minister. No opinion leader should spread fake news and then silently remove it or apologise when damage is already done. This collective should have enough influence that no media house or leader dare create such mischief, knowing he or she will be taken to task by vigilant people working together in National Collective. Sense of balance in a public discourse must be brought back. Left and its agents must realise that they don’t have the monopoly on what they perceive to be the truth. No Marxists and his/her brown sepoys should try to distort history.

I recall that I, with a Marathi editor friend from Mumbai, had initiated an effort to bring together small and not so small newspapers and periodical on a common platform in 2003-2004 called National Network. The idea was that the strength of unity and the combined strength of the network with a much wider reach than the business houses managed media so-called national dailies. The idea was appreciated by many, but lack of resources of these small publications could not take this network forward. Arnab and Republic network has resources and energy to bring this idea to fruition. Hence, I am optimistic that the Nationalist Collective will take off and change the face of public discourse. It will influence the change in narrative that has gnawed at the vitals of this great nation for details.

People who are wasting their energy in intellectual gymnastics of “Who is a nationalist” are only trying to confuse people. Feeling of nationalism, love for your motherland, bereft of western supremacist approach of overwhelming or destroying other civilisations, is a distinct feature of India that is Bharat. This question is as inane as the question, “Why do you love your mother? Show me the proof of your love.” When we love our mother, it is not against anybody. When we love our nation, it is not against anybody.

We wish to see a prosperous and strong nation that would create the right feeling of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam” in the world. Covid has shown us that only way to survive and thrive is to work independently but working collectively to save mother earth. Modi ji illustrated in Bharatiya way when he sent out Covid vaccine to all the needy nations unconditionally. That is my India, my Bharat.

Let us make National Collective a success and join it with pure unselfish love for our motherland.

Ratan Sharda


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