Prime Minister Narendra Modi Laid Down Pillars Of Surging India In His Republic Summit Keynote


The vision for 21st century India rests on three pillars - transparency, self confidence and delivery.

Written By Pradeep Bhandari (Guest Writer) | Mumbai | Updated On:

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid India's vision for 21st century. The vision for 21st century India rests on three pillars - transparency, self-confidence and delivery. The Prime Minister mentioned the steps taken by his government to achieve the pinnacle transparent and people-friendly governance. He stressed on the transparent GST architecture simplifying the tax regime and giving impetus to capacity building by getting stalled projects worth 12 lakh crore on track through the PRAGATI framework, a transparent mechanism to monitor and ensure time-bound performance in the traditionally laggard infra sector.

Surging India | Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Keynote Address At The Inaugural Republic Summit. Watch Full Speech Here

The second pillar of India in the 21st century is delivery. Governments used to drum beat a scheme if it could reach 2-3 crore people; such schemes became the highlights of their achievement. This government has taken delivery to a whole new level, and illustrations include Increasing the sanitation coverage from less than 40% to more than 97% in 2018, laying the digital architecture through optical fibre in lacks of villages, pushing financial inclusion and targeted delivery through JAM by opening Jan Dhan bank accounts to the level that nearly every household in India has a bank account today, and ensuring a clean and  safe living through reaching more than 10 crore households by Ujjawala, giving free connections for gas cylinders. The pace of delivery reflects performance, this government delivered the same number of gas connections in 4 years as all previous governments had delivered in the 67 years of independence till 2014.

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The last and most important pillar for India's surge in the 21st century is the self-belief of its people. The self confidence which is moving India forward on the road to a 5 trillion dollar economy club,  the self confidence which has made us launch 100 satellite in one go, the self confidence of 120 mobile manufacturing units in India, and the self confidence to take  solve our basic problems collectively, through community solutions coupled with performance-based governance and create societies free of poverty and  indignity.

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