Sidhu Has Proved To Be Useful Idiot: General G.D. Bakshi On Sidhu's Image Inside 'Pakistan's Achievements' Booklet

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

From showering praises on Pakistan President Imran Khan to posing with Hafiz Saeed aide and Khalistani separatist Gopal Singh Chawla, Congress Leader Navjot Singh Sidhu has managed to spark controversies at home. In the latest, Republic TV has accessed the Pakistan Foreign Affairs Ministry's 'First 100 Days' achievement brochure in which an image of Navjot Singh Sindhu sitting next to President Imran Khan and Pakistan foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi emerges. Reacting to the matter, Major General G.D. Bakshi said: 

"Look, the fact of the matter is, like the communists say, Sidhu has proved to be the useful idiot. He has allowed himself to be used by the pakistani each day by the establishment for, you know, various purposes. He is shaking hands and  meeting and getting photographs with Khalistani activists with people are trying to break this country up. We must understand the overall context, Pakistan is embarked on a serious escalation. It is spreading the arc of terror from Kashmir into Punjab. So, that I think is a very very dangerous situation. Therefore, we want and it should be our Endeavour to see Pakistan is given a due notice that it is heading for serious serious trouble. Its economy is hunching as it as and if it persist in the suicidal path then there will be cost amd consequences. Instead of that I find the love fest with Pakistan. There are people are saying that the Berlin wall will crumble"  

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Earlier in the day, the controversial Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu spoke words of progress and praise after his visit to the Kartarpur Corridor ceremony. Full of optimism, Navjot Singh Sidhu termed the initiative by Imran Khan and the Indian government 'a floodgate towards prosperity.'

"This Corridor will enhance contact between people and economic prosperity. The possibility of both Punjabs (Indian Punjab and Pakistan Punjab) joining, by opening the border of Firozpur and Amritsar is a boon to progress."

Republic TV had accessed a picture of Navjot Singh Sidhu posing with Hafiz Saeed aide and Khalistani separatist Gopal Singh Chawla during his ongoing visit to Pakistan for the groundbreaking of the Kartarpur corridor. Questioned on his photograph with Gopal Chawla, he said:

 "There was so much love. People took five thousand, ten thousand photos with me in Pakistan, I don't remember Chawla, I don't know who is he."