'The Land Of Envy': Suhel Seth Takes On The Twitter Dolts Preying On Anup Jalota And Jasleen Matharu's Happiness


What sin has Anup Jalota committed except to fall in love and that too with a woman many years his younger?

Written By Suhel Seth | Mumbai | Updated On:

From time immemorial, love has been frowned upon in our country. We love to worship it in films; cast it in stone in monuments that now have graffiti on them; write ballads and sing ghazals in its celebration and even construct monuments or two in its celebration, but when it happens right in front of us, all we can do is sigh or worse still cast aspersions and look down upon it.

What sin has Anup Jalota committed except to fall in love and that too with a woman many years his younger? Most men, methinks, are dying of pure jealousy: miserable that they can’t do the same with as much élan and so much publicity.  And the same is the story with Twitter bachelors and Twitter spinsters not to mention those dolts on Twitter who have no life of their own and wish to prey on other’s happiness.

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This man, my good friend Anup Jalota, has led such an austere life. Singing bhajans; being devoted to Godliness; being made to sing at prayer ceremonies where people come to see who else is not grieving for the dead: and then the same Jalota wants to have some fun and this entire Nation is railed against him as if he’s committed adultery. His girlfriend is all so happy; the inmates of Bigg Boss House are happy, but then the people outside are miserable for unfathomable reasons.

Having been a bachelor for so long, my appeal to everyone is if you see people in love be happy for them. Learn to live out your misery through their joy and you might get lucky too. Anup Jalota is 65 years old but not dead, and at 65, the joys of love are indescribable. The moment you fall in love you reduce your own age by about two decades. Now should we grudge this man the elixir of youth and be all prissy? Especially when 98.3% of Indian married men are already happily cheating on their wives?

Can you imagine the experience and sagacity that Anup Jalota will bring to the relationship? Can you imagine how his lover will be enthralled every evening through melody and voice? Can you imagine the curtains rising every evening on a performance that is both virtuoso and private?

I believe this is the time for India to celebrate. To celebrate love. To awaken our inner Shah Jahans. To be happy that deceit and acrimony shall be replaced by love and mirth and merriment in that House which has always fostered anger and hatred. This is India’s second tryst with destiny so sit back and enjoy it.

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