Why Priyanka Gandhi's Induction Into Politics Is A Desperate Gamble For Congress

Written By Surabhi Hodigere | Mumbai | Published:

Since the announcement of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s official entry into the political arena earlier on Wednesday, congratulatory messages from senior Congress leaders have a revelatory tone. 

"The idea is to replant Congress as the only natural choice on a pan-India level and Priyanka Gandhi is the best choice for the job” said Sachin Pilot. 

“The entire Congress is very happy about it. Great expectation that things will change for the better” said Sheila Dixit.

"Special congrats to Priyanka Gandhi on being appointed AICC General Secretary in-charge of UP East. Her appointment will help rejuvenate the party across the country"  - Capt. Amarinder Singh. 

These statements by the leadership of the grand old party suggest that what was once a hushed whisper is now candid acceptance. That Rahul Gandhi is not suitable to revive the electoral fortunes of the Congress Party and Priyanka, might just be a better pick from the Gandhi family to bet on. 

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Yet, we must take a step back and remember that this hope is not fueled by her obvious demonstrated capability or past experience in leadership positions. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra might have contributed to the Lok Sabha campaign of her mother & brother and flirted with party politics from the outside, but her abilities as a leader have never been tested.

And there lies the key to her aura – what is less known is always more appealing. But with her official entry, especially in the age of social media, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s brand cannot sustain on the mere mystery. And the question on everyone’s mind, whether the opposition or her on party men is whether she indeed has what it takes? Will she live up to the hype? 

Only time might tell whether she can revive Congress’s party fortunes in India let alone in East Uttar Pradesh where it currently has zero Lok Sabha seats. But for the Congressmen and women who went as far as to call her official induction as an auspicious occasion, it might be wise to rethink this as a time for celebration for in reality it is more of a desperate gamble.

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