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Advocate J Sai Deepak Slams Lobby, Questions Systematic Attempt To Pressurise Institutions

J Sai Deepak stated that such kind of 'systematic pressure' could not be ignored, since it could turn into a greater threat to the nation down the line.

While speaking to Republic Media Network, Advocate J Sai Deepak came down heavily on the 'lobby' that actively worked towards pressurizing the nation's institutions and the judiciary talking about how those who toed their line were celebrated as 'path-breakers' while others entered their 'bad books.'

"There is a fact of the existence of certain special interest groups which have constantly tried to put pressure on the system in one way or the other. Those who toe their line typically end up being in their good books and they get feted for the positions they take. They are celebrated as 'jurists' and 'pathbreakers'. Those who choose to operate outside the lines painted by this interest group are typically in their bad books," said J Sai Deepak. 

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Talking about the attempts to pressurize the judiciary, the advocate remarked that from headlines to tweets, to articles that were strategically timed during the course of certain proceedings, lobbies attempted to put pressure on courts taking mileage through the independence of social media. 

On lobby's attempts after Ram Janmabhoomi judgment

While speaking on the clout that was exercised by this lobby, Sai Deepak revealed that their influence permeated from who you could engage, to what kind of article you could get published in international media. "For instance, a number of people from or outside the fraternity don't believe that the system works in different ways for different people. It depends on who you engage, who is shouting for you, what kind of clout you have, who are the kind of people are willing to back you, what kind of articles you can get published in the Washington Post." 

"For example the Ram Janmabhoomi judgment. Notwithstanding the fact that it was the judgment that upheld the position of the Allahabad High Court, we saw a slew of articles written saying that the Supreme Court had succumbed to majoritarianism. The fact that Supreme Court wrote a 1,045-page judgment going through archeological evidence, historical evidence, oral testimonies, never got any traction. There is a systematic effort to put pressure on the system but has the system succumbed to it. I don't think so by and large," he added.

Sai Deepak however also added that such pressure could not be ignored, since it could turn into a greater threat to the nation down the line. "I don't think it should be ignored because systematic sustained persistent pressure is bound to yield certain results which may not be in the interest of our country, its democracy, and the health of our institutions. Especially the Supreme Court of the country."

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