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J Sai Deepak Touches On Grey Areas Of Free Speech, Talks Criticism & Malicious Attacks

The advocate also spoke about how it was even more important for trained professionals of the court to keep their language and temperance in check.

While speaking to Republic Media Network, Advocate J Sai Deepak stressed on the need to draw lines between constructive criticism, criticism, and plain malicious attacks, talking about how slanderous charges by lobbies chipped away the trust of the common people in the judiciary. 

"The common person on the street is not enamored by the constitution, he goes by the influencers, and movers and shakers of certain institutions. And if certain people start using their clout in a manner that begins undermining its credibility, then the fact of the matter is that he is bound to fall for that opinion. The second thing, a matter as sensitive and delicate as this, you don't see if whether a certain position has had an impact on the outcome, you see whether it has chipped away from the confidence that people enjoy in that particular institution," said J Sai Deepak.

"Does the institution still enjoy the same level of confidence as it enjoyed in the 60s, 70s, 80,s 2002s? This is not entirely the making of a special interest group. I am conscious of the view that this particular state of affairs is a contribution of both sides. Certain systems need to be put in place and certain checks and balances need to be observed. To say that every comment must get a benefit of free speech, I'm sorry to say does not strike a distinction between constructive criticism, criticism, informed criticism, uninformed yet general criticism, and plain scurrilous malicious attacks. We have to make that distinction," he added.

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The advocate also spoke about how it was even more important for trained professionals of the court to keep their language and temperance in check, given that their viewpoints could cause a greater disservice to the very cause that they represented. 

"The manner in which you conduct yourself in a legislative assembly, shouting from the well is not the manner in which you conduct yourself in the Supreme Court of India. If you happen to be a trained lawyer who can argue before the court, you can put your opposing viewpoint before the SC without denigrating that institution. When you don't strike that distinction, temperance, and language, you do a disservice to the very cause you represent," he added.  

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