A Desperate Congress Hangs Onto Its Last Branch - Muslim Love, Hindu Hate

Written By Surabhi Hodigere | Mumbai | Published:

Mr. Kamal Nath’s statement should be a cause of worry for every Congressman. There was a time when they took the Muslim vote for granted but now the Congress is having to beg for it, work to organise it. Times have changed. The Muslim community is realising that the Congress uses them during elections and abandons them after. This duplicity has gone on for way too long and is bound to be under threat when a leader like Narendra Modi acts on a more inclusive ‘Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas’. 

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Another aspect that stands out in this video - is the utter lack of respect the Congress has for Hindus. Mr. Kamal Nath pitches communities against each other and promises the Muslim audience that post voting they will ‘take care of the Hindus’. This should be an awakening for anyone chose to fall into the temple run PR trap of the 'election Hindu' Rahul Gandhi. 

At the drop of a hat, the Congress brands and demonises the BJP as ‘communal’ party. But the self-credited ‘secular’ party resorts to the worst form of communal politics - continued Muslim appeasement and mockery of Hindus.

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