Congress & BJP Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin - Nation Wants A Third Front To Come Forward

Written By Waris Pathan | Mumbai | Published:

For 70 years the Congress didn't do anything for the betterment of Muslims. They didn't empower them socially or politically. Prior to elections they come to the community to seek votes but afterwards, they don't do anything.

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In Telangana, as we saw on Tuesday, a Congress leader called up an AIMIM leader and told him to kindly see to it that an AIMIM rally doesn't happen where a particular Congress leader is campaigning, offering Rs 25 lakhs. The Congress has to do better politics. Their only current politics is Benami or Bemani -- either we'll buy you or we'll level allegations and say you're communal.

In Maharashtra, they didn't give reservations to the Muslim community despite three committee reports. They tried, prior to 2014, but they didn't make a proper law and so the High Court stopped it. The HC says give 5% reservation to Muslims but the BJP is not giving. 

They're also in the habit of calling everyone the B-team of the BJP. But the Nation saw in the Karnataka elections also that till the last day of campaigning Rahul Gandhi was calling the JD(S) the BJP's B-team, then right after the results, they joined forces. 

The Congress and BJP are two sides of the same coin. They're playing appeasement politics. Prior to Gujarat elections, Rahul Gandhi says he's a Janaeudhari Hindu, then Modi says he's a bigger Hindu. Rahul visits 30 Temples, Modi visits 40. They go to Temples but they're not interested in development.

The Congress had done meetings like Kamal Nath's before 2014 also, but the community knows now that they're not doing anything for them. The community wants a third front to come forward. A third front of regional parties must come up, which follows the Constitution and works for the development and betterment of the country.

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