'I Don't Think Men Are Insecure Of Women Moving Ahead', Says Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

I honestly, personally don't think men are insecure of women moving ahead. And if they have a problem, it is because their rights, their say are being taken down because everyone believe that they are out there to condemn women.

When men talk about women and gender justice, they are mocked, they are laughed. There's a lot of conflict arising there. It is not a competition. Men and women both move together in a cohesive society.

In a healthy society, both men and women need to have a voice. If one voice is suppressed then the other will feel bad. So we both have to create a balance in the society where justice is not dependent on number of victims of injustice.

No doubt for years, women have faced numerous problems and they still continue to face. But just because women are facing issues and we need to talk about women, it does not mean that we will ignore men's legitimate issues.