'Navjot Sidhu Is Strategically Naive About Pakistan. He Has A Misguided Partisan Political Agenda'


Navjot Sidhu has tried to prompt some kind of peace opening between the two countries, India and Pakistan when the conditions are not conducive

Written By Sreeram Chaulia | Mumbai | Updated On:

Navjot Singh Sidhu's strange flip-flop on the issues of Kartapur Sahib and the opening of the corridor for Sikh pilgrims to go to Pakistan is actually a reflection of complete naivety
on the part of this turncoat politician of Punjab. First of all, the Pakistanis have not made any offer, he jumped the gun and tried to prompt some kind of peace opening between the two countries when the conditions are not conducive. Secondly, now he is saying that even if there is no offer from the Pakistani side, India should go out and request one. So, I think he has basically tied himself in knots and he is not able to consistently defend his position from the start, which was to try and capitalize on this whole swearing-in ceremony to generate political benefits for him in Punjab. There is some interest in the border areas in Punjab for free movements of goods and people and there has been a demand for it and Sidhu is trying to capitalize on it to show that 'look I am creating these opportunities for the raproshma between the two countries'.

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But, it is naive because one, I think he does not understand the nature of the regime in Pakistan. The kind of a structural imbalance between civilians and the military, that is the biggest problem. As general VK Singh just mentioned that 'we don't expect much from Prime Minister Imran Khan because he is being popped up by the military'. So for Navjot Sidhu to go out on a limb and say, well, they are ready for it, they are sending feelers and we should be showing our interest in peace and reconciliation, I think, this speaks of his complete lack of strategic astuteness and I will go even one step further for the sake of his partisan politics in the state of Punjab. I think, he is in many ways creating an embarrassment at the National and International level by saying that here is a minister from one of the state governments in India, who is trying to push the central government to go for peace, when there are so many unaccountable incidents that continue to happen across the Line Of Control (LOC).

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The infiltration bids have not reduced or ended from the Pakistani side from the PoK and the incitement of hatred against India and the terrorist actions in Jammu and Kashmir continues. So, in this kind of context, it is absolutely anti-national on the part of Navjot Singh Sidhu to be opening up this dialogue process, when it is not right and factually also it is incorrect. So, Sidhu should apologize to the nation and should take the advice of our foreign minister Sushma Swaraj and stop using this for narrow political gains. National interest and national honour are at stake.

Before there is justice for the 26/11 attacks, before there is justice for all the violence that happened from the Pakistani side, before there is an end to cross-border terrorism, there is no point of carrying off this so-called religious corridor diplomacy. It won't work, let them stop sponsoring violence and hatred against us and we can then consider. 

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