The Congress Has Now Openly Morphed Itself Into The Muslim League

Written By Madhu Kishwar | Mumbai | Published:

We should be grateful to Kamal Nath for making it crisp and clear that the Congress has morphed itself into the Muslim League. Jinnah used this kind of strategy of polarisation to create Pakistan. If this is Secularism Congress style, we are better off being communal since they are encouraging forces of Islamo-fascism.

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Even though the Nehruvian Congress always tilted in favour of Muslims and treated Hindu culture, faith and traditions with a touch of disdain, the older generation Congress did not altogether dispense with the Hindu vote. Now, however, they're making it crystal clear that they're counting mainly on Muslim votes to win elections and this explains the kind of compromises that the party has made, including with jihadi elements, giving them a free run to set up sleeper cells all over the country. I am also convinced that this new avatar of the Congress, which has made the Muslim League redundant, is likely to be getting bulk of its election funding from outside India, from Islamic countries.

It is not a coincidence that the Pakistani establishment including the ISI has also been singing the same song. ISI has openly pitched in favour of the Congress and communicated to the Muslims in India that they must help the Congress defeat the BJP and Narendra Modi in particular.

Now that Congress stalwarts are letting the world know that they are in perfect sync with the ISI agenda, it's up to voters to decide whether they want an ISI brand of secularism in India or a society where everyone stands at par and no one community can blackmail the entire Nation to surrender before their partisan demands. This is 'Break Up India' agenda at play -- the 'Bharat Tere Tukde Honge' agenda in a blatant, naked form. The country has barely recovered from the bloody Partition of 1947. It seems the Sonia Congress is now hell-bent on helping Pakistan achieve its mission of turning the whole of India into Dar al Islam.

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