WATCH: Major Gaurav Arya's Scathing Vlog Against Shahid Afridi And Pakistan

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Afridi had said, "Pakistan, which can't even control its four provinces... it does not want Kashmir", adding, "You don't give it to India, nor does Pakistan want it. But, humanity is a big thing and it pains to see when people are dying, irrespective of what religion they follow."

Written By Major Gaurav Arya | Mumbai | Updated On:

Shahid Afridi's recent comments that Pakistan should let go of its obsession for Kashmir because it is unable to handle its four states is a welcome statement. However, the latter part of Afridi's statement saying that Kashmir should be an independent nation neither with India nor Pakistan is mischievous. It's mischievous because this has been the narrative that the ISI has been wanting to peddle all over the world. It uses influential Pakistanis to peddle this narrative. And what is this narrative? This narrative says that Pakistan is a peace loving country and Pakistan agrees that the will if the Kashmiri people is "Azaadi" and let them have "Azaadi". However, things are not as simple. If you take the 1947-48 resolution of the United Nations with calls for a plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir, there is no mention of an independent J&K. It speaks about a plebiscite, about completely joining India or Pakistan. This is just the ISI way- undue method of mudding the waters and they have used Shahid Afridi to peddle their misinformation and lies.  

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