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Republic Summit | 'Congress Gave Money To Farzi People,' Says Prime Minister Modi

At the 2023 Republic Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi pointed out how the erstwhile Congress government was giving money to the corrupt population.

Republic Summit 2023
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Bhagyasree Sengupta

Image: Republic Summit

Speaking at the third edition of Republic Summit 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said how the erstwhile Congress government was giving money to the corrupt population. The Indian Prime Minister made these remarks when he remarked about his government’s crackdown on black money. On Wednesday, the Indian Prime Minister graced the stage of the biggest news event of this year and expressed his profound vision on wide-ranging topics. In light of the theme of the Summit ‘Time of Transformation,’ the Prime Minister stated that transformation is now visible on the ground.

“Congress government was giving money to Farzi persons with a population larger than that of Delhi and Punjab,” the Prime Minister stated during his keynote speech at the summit. Prime Minister also stated that some people are creating a ruckus because the government had blocked their avenues to earn black money. “People are upset and creating ruckus because some people’s avenues of earning black money have been blocked by PM Modi,” the Prime Minister asserted which was followed by a massive round of applause. 

‘We won’t take an isolated approach in the fight against corruption: Modi

Prime Minister then went on to reiterate that the government is not taking an isolated approach in its fight against corruption. “There is no half-hearted and isolated approach in our fight against corruption,” the Prime Minister exclaimed. “Now we have an integrated and institutionalise approach towards corruption. This is our government’s commitment,” he added. During his keynote speech, the Prime Minister stated how India has transformed socially, economically, and technologically”.

About Republic Summit 2023 

Republic has organised a two-day summit with the theme 'Time of Transformation' in New Delhi. The event began on April 25 and concluded on April 26. The chief guest for the summit was Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The event witnessed the most influential voices across the country from an intersection of spirituality, economy, politics, finance, global affairs, business, and governance among others.

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