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'West Lectures On Climate Change But Doesn't Act': Copenhagen Consensus President Lomborg

Bjorn Lomborg the president of the Copenhagen Conference spoke on the Republic Summit 2023, regarding West's approach on climate change.

Republic Summit 2023
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Bjorn Lomborg

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President of the Copenhagen Consensus Bjorn Lomborg was present to address Republic Summit 2023 which is being held in New Delhi. On the day of the much-awaited and anticipated news event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be the Chief Guest and will also address the gathering this evening. 

Bjorn Lomborg on West's approach on climate change

On being asked about the West's approach towards climate change, Bjorn Lomborg replied, "The West loves to listen to climate and loves to tell everyone that we all should do more about climate change. Very often we do it ourselves but when it starts costing us money, we obviously become a lot more resident. I think it just tells you the general truth that you know very well and everyone normally loves to speak big words but we obviously have to find policies that are both efficient and cheap and then that is what India can bring to this. A sort of realism on the climate conversation. The realism that allows us to have a conversation about all the other challenges." 

Republic Summit 2023

The two-day Summit with the theme 'Time of Transformation' held in New Delhi on April 25 and 26 has witnessed the most respected and influential voices from an intersection of governance, politics, spirituality, economy, policy, business, global affairs and beyond.

Key speakers of Republic Summit 2023

This year's biggest news event has been graced by Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and will see India's leading strategist and thought leader, S Gurumurthy.

Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari will also participate in the Republic Summit 2023.

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