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Damian Lillard Responds To Paul George's 'Bad Shot' Apology After A Year: "We Shook Hands"

After Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George apologized for his bad shot comment, Portland Trail Blazers icon Damian Lillard commented on Twitter.

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In 2019, Damian Lillard's game-winning three-pointer eliminated Paul George, Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder from the NBA playoffs. Postgame, George made a comment on Lillard's clutch. "That was a bad shot," George claimed. "I don't care what anybody says. That's a bad shot". George received heat for his comments, even sparking some Lillard vs Paul George clash. Now, over a year after the incident, George has apologized. 

NBA All-Star 2021: George on Damian Lillard's shot

On Sunday (Monday IST), Lillard led Team LeBron to a 170-150 victory over Team Durant with a game-winning three-pointer. After the game, George was asked about Lillard's "bad shot" in 2019. George seemed aware, admitting that he was called out for the right reason. 

"I guess I was criticized for the right reason for calling Dame's shot in the playoffs a bad shot," George said. "I mean, I see this guy's range is crazy. And I mean, it's not like it's a half-court heave". He added that these shots are in their range, taking back his comments and calling it a "great shot".

Damian Lillard on Paul George's apology

"Do you see the PG's declaration apologizing you? What do you think?" a fan asked Lillard on Twitter. The Blazers star responded: "We shook hands. As a man I don’t hold on to issues that tightly when it’s not that deep. Life is short". While the two have been considered rivals for years, they seem to have put it to rest at the All-Star game in Atlanta. 

Last year, their feud escalated to family members, with Lillard also making some comments about George's retirement. "The reason they reacting like that is because of what they expecting from me, which is a sign of respect, and it just shows what I have done at a high clip more times than not. I am not offended by it," Lillard had said while recalling his shot during the 2019 playoffs. 

Both players took to commenting on social media, with Lillard implying that George looks to change teams while chasing a title.  Lillard's sister La’Nae got involved, calling out George's girlfriend (now fiancee) Daniela Rajic, calling her a "stripper". Rajiz responded, calling LaNae a "cow" in return.

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