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How To Watch Eddie Sutton Documentary? Deceased US College Basketball Coach Paid Tribute

How to watch the Eddie Sutton documentary? Here's a look into the life of Eddie Sutton and the legacy he left as one of the top college basketball coaches.

eddie sutton documentary

Reputed basketball coach Eddie Sutton passed away on May 23, 2020 at the age of 84. However, the Kansas-born veteran left a lasting legacy behind which has now been turned into a documentary so that the world can now learn of his story. The Eddie Sutton documentary released in the US earlier this week and has been met with a majority of positive reviews. Let's take a look at 'Who was Eddie Sutton?' and how one can watch the Eddie Sutton documentary with details of the Eddie Sutton OSU plane crash and the Eddie Sutton scandal in it.

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Eddie Sutton documentary: Eddie Sutton scandal and more

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Eddie Sutton documentary: More on the Eddie Sutton OSU plane crash

Eddie Sutton is regarded as one of the top college basketball coaches of all time. Eddie Sutton was one of the first coaches to lead four teams to the NCAA. He reached the final four three times. In Division I history, Eddie Sutton recorded 806 victories in a career that spanned 37 seasons. Eddie, directed by Christopher Hunt, throws light on the ups and downs of the veteran coach over the course of his lengthy career.

How to watch the Eddie Sutton documentary?

Viewers in the USA can watch the Eddie Sutton documentary on the ESPN official website if they have a subscription. The Eddie Sutton documentary titled 'Eddie' released in the US on Monday, June 29, 2020. The Eddie Sutton documentary highlights programs at the Universities of Arkansas, Kentucky, and Oklahoma State

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Eddie Sutton OSU plane crash tragedy

Eddie Sutton, who was coach of Oklahoma State University, suffered a tragic loss when a chartered plane carrying its team members and coaching staff crashed in 2001. All 10 individuals aboard the airplane lost their lives. Oklahoma State players Nate Fleming and Dan Lawson, sports information employee Will Hancock, director of basketball operations Pat Noyes, trainer Brian Luinstra, student manager Jared Weiberg and broadcast engineer Kendall Durfey, all lost their lives in the tragic accident while returning from a game. The Eddie Sutton OSU plane crash also left a tremendous impact on his life as well.

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Eddie Sutton net worth and the 'Why is Eddie Sutton not in the Hall of Fame mystery'

Despite his passing away last month, the Eddie Sutton net worth is estimated to be between $950,000 as per networthpost.conm. Taking into account all the late coach's possessions and assets, the Eddie Sutton net worth can be considered as believable, though this amount remains unverified. Despite his net worth and achievements, it remains a surprise to many as to 'Why is Eddie Sutton not in the Hall of Fame?'

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