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Is James Harden Playing Tonight Vs Celtics In Game 2? James Harden Injury Update

Is James Harden playing tonight? James Harden has had his fair share of injury problems this season. Here's a look at the latest update on his fitness.

Is James Harden playing tonight vs Celtics in Game 2? James Harden injury update .

Is James Harden playing tonight vs Celtics in Game 2? James Harden injury update .

Game 1 of the first-round series between the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets belonged to the Nets as their Big 3 combined for a brilliant 82-point performance. Game 2 of the series will be at the Barclays Center this Tuesday on May 25 at 7:30 PM ET,[Wednesday, May 26, at 5:00 AM IST]. The second game will be key for the Celtics as they will need a win if they want to have any chance in the series.

2021 Playoffs: Nets vs Celtics Game 2 preview   

The Nets who come into the postseason as the favourites to win the Championship proved a point as they won their first game of the postseason. James Harden, who sat out in the final game of the season, managed to score 21 points in a 104-93 win for the Nets. A James Haden return means that the Big 3 can now combine together and help the Nets make a deep playoff run. Celtics will, however, be hoping that Jayson Tatum unleashes himself in Game 2 of the series because if he gets going it will be difficult for the Nets defence to stop him. Although the Celtics lost the match, Robert Williams made history in Game 1 as he recorded 9 blocks in the game which is the highest number of blocks for any Celtic player in the Playoffs and he will be looking for another great game on Tuesday.

James Harden injury update: is James Harden playing tonight? 

James Harden has played in 44 games this season and has averaged 24.6 PPG while posting 10.8 dimes this season. Prior to his injury, Harden was in the debate to be awarded as the Kia NBA MVP, but his injury sidelined him for many games. His addition completed the Big 3 which is arguably the best offensive trio in the League's history. There were a few questions raised on his return for the Playoffs, but he managed to make a terrific comeback that helped the Brooklyn Nets overcome the Boston Celtics. As far as Game 2 of the series is concerned, James Harden has been training with the team and looks fit to play against the Celtics.

When is James Harden coming back? 

James Harden's return to the Nets lineup has boosted the squad tremendously as his absence has bitterly affected the team's performance. Harden missed 18 consecutive games since April and the Nets have a 10-8 record in his absence. This record somewhat shows how important James Harden is and his contribution will be pivotal if the team wants to make a deep playoff run. James Harden will be part of the Nets starting lineup on May 25  and will play as the key ball-handler - a position that he has been playing so well this season.             

Game 2: Nets vs Celtics predictions

The only way the Celtics can make a comeback in the series is if they find an answer to the Big 3 of the Nets. The Celtics do not look like they are going to be finding an answer to it, their performance this season has been disappointing with the only positive being Jayson Tatum who has upped his scoring ability. The Celtics will have to be very tough on defence in this game if they have to stop the barrage of attack the Nets lineup possesses. Players like Marcus Smart and Tristan Thompson will be key in preventing the Celtics attack.

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