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Kevin Porter Jr Fine For Visiting Strip Club With Sterling Brown Amounts Up To $50,000

Kevin Porter Jr fine: According to recent reports, the NBA has fined Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr $50,000 for visiting a strip club.

Kevin Porter Jr fine

A few days ago, Kevin Porter Jr and Sterling Brown made their way to a strip club in Miami. Their meeting ended up in a scuffle, where Brown was apparently assaulted by three or more men. However, it was later reported that the Sterling Brown attack was graver than the Houston Rockets let on. Now, the league has fined Porter for his visit to the club, owing to the league's health and safety rules this season. 

Kevin Porter Jr fine: How much penalty will the Houston star pay? 

As a result of the league's health and safety protocols, the Rockets guard was signed $50,000. The fine was announced on Wednesday (Thursday IST). Porter was with Brown when he was allegedly attacked outside a strip club in Miami. While Porter was fined, the league is apparently not going to fine Brown (via the New York Times' Marc Stein). Porter was apparently among those who went to save Brown. 

What happened to Sterling Brown? Sterling Brown injury update

According to various reports, Brown was allegedly hit in the back of his head with a bottle and was then attacked by multiple people. Reports added that the assault left "blood everywhere". The attack happened earlier in April when the Rockets travelled to Miami after their game vs the Orlando Magic. Before the game, the Rockets made a statement about the assault. 

While details were not revealed back then, it was reported that the attack happened outside a strip club in Miami, which many Rockets players visited. Brown, per The Athletic, tried to climb into the wrong bus after visiting the strip club. The people in the bus ended up attacking him later. 

While a video was shared online, Porter was seen in the police officer's body camera footage. Brown, who was hurt, was seen speaking to the officers with a shirt to his bloodied face. Brown had to be hospitalized for some time, receiving stitches for his injury. Since then, Brown is sidelined, not speaking about the attack to the media. 

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