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Steph Curry Sister Gives Epic, Comical Reaction To Warriors Star's 32-point Return

After the Golden State Warriors' 116-102 win over the Chicago Bulls, the Steph Curry sister commented on his game, indicating that he was not even trying.

steph curry sister

After a tailbone injury had him sidelined, Steph Curry returned to the court during a Golden State Warriors game against the Chicago Bulls. The Warriors icon dropped 30-plus points in the game with the Warriors bagging their first win since their 116-103 win over the Memphis Grizzlies. Steph Curry's sister also commented on his return, taking to Twitter to share her thoughts.

Bulls vs Warriors highlights: Steph Curry sister reacts on Twitter after game vs Bulls

The Steph Curry sister name is Sydel Curry-Lee and she was among many fans watching her brother return to the court after his tailbone injury. Sydel, however, had an interesting take on Curry's performance during the game. "LOL Stephen is quite literally out there half-assing it with 32," she wrote, possibly hinting that Curry was not even trying during their 116-102 win over the Chicago Bulls. 

Sydel is also married to Damion Lee, who scored 6 points off the bench. 

NBA scores: Bulls vs Warriors highlights

With 32 points – which included six three-pointers – Curry returned to help the Warriors bag another win for the team. Draymond Green had 11 points. For the Bulls, Nikola Vucevic has 21 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists in his second game with the team. 

"He's the heart and soul of everything we do," coach Steve Kerr said speaking of Curry. "The last few games it's been tough without that dynamic". 

Steph Curry injury update

During the Warriors win over the Houston Rockets, Curry injured his tailbone by falling over the stands. While everyone expected him to return soon, an MRI showed inflammation."I knew it was going to be interesting," the player himself gave the Steph Curry injury update, adding that he got through it even though it was not fun. "And was able to keep warm and deal with the pain and just play, so it will be something to manage in the near future, but it'll continue to heal as I get some more time". 

During the game, staff members applied a heating pad to his tailbone every time he walked out. When he stepped out for the last time, he was given a black pad to sit on. 

NBA standings

The team had been struggling without Curry, dropping four games in a row. In a race to secure a playoff spot in the Western Conference as per the NBA standings, the team needs Curry healthy and on the court. Without Curry, the team was edging towards the bottom half of the points table. The team is currently ranked tenth in the West with 23 wins and 24 losses. 

The Memphis Grizzlies are ranked ninth, while the Sacramento Kings follow in the eleventh place. Utah Jazz are leading the West and the league, the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Clippers following. The Bulls, on the other hand, are ranked tenth in the Eastern Conference after Tuesday's NBA scores.

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