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Stephen A Smith Net Worth 2021, Kwame Brown Feud And Career Highlights

Stephen A Smith net worth 2021: Here is a look at the American sports television personality's net worth amid his feud with Kwane Brown.

stephen a smith net worth 2021

Most people following American sports are aware of Stephen A Smith. However, as entertaining as many deem Smith to be, there have also been countless controversies regarding his candid comments about athletes. This time around, Stephen A Smith's feud was with Kwame Brown, which Smith recently responded to. 

Stephen A Smith salary and net worth

According to reports, Smith is worth around $16 million. His salary is estimated to be $6 million. He started working with ESPN in 2003 and was an analyst for the NBA Shootaround pregame show. Later, he started hosting Quite Frankly With Stephen A. Smith (cancelled in 2007). 

In 2014, he reportedly signed a contract with ESPN worth $3 million. This 2019, he was apparently earning $5 million. However, his new contract might be paying him something from $8 to $10 million. 

Stephen A Smith Kwame Brown feud

The Stephen A Smith Kwame Brown feud began early in May when Brown went live on Instagram and called out Smith and Skip Bayless (from Foz Sports 1). Brown ended up calling Smith out in other videos, after which Smith finally responded. "I don’t have a single negative thing to say about Kwame Brown, the person. Nothing personal," Smith said in the clip. "The only negative thing anybody said about Kwame Brown is that he couldn’t play a lick of basketball. News flash: That wasn’t a lie." 

Warning: explicit language

He even showed a clip on his shows Mic Drop section, adding that he has more content of Brown playing bad basketball. 

Stephen A Smith memes

Along with his frank remarks, his memes have become popular. The memes usually focus on his unique expressions, which fans often use under most NBA posts. Even otherwise, his memes are used as reaction pics. 

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