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Will NBA Tickets Be Refunded? What Ticket Holders Need To Do Since NBA Is Suspended?

Following the suspension of the NBA season until further notice, fans with tickets are eager to know will NBA tickets be refunded & the process of NBA refunds.

will nba tickets be refunded

The NBA season has officially been suspended after a Utah Jazz player, Rudy Gobert was tested positive for Coronavirus. The NBA season suspended news is quite for basketball fans across the globe. However, fans with season tickets want to know 'Will NBA tickets refunded? And the refunds for NBA tickets?' following the NBA season cancelled news. 

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Will NBA tickets be refunded? NBA season cancelled or NBA season suspended?

The league announced that the suspension will begin on Thursday. But the Wednesday night game between Sacramento Kings and New Orlean Pelicans would be the final game of the NBA season cancelled, before the NBA season suspended news broke out. 

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Will NBA tickets be refunded? NBA season cancelled or NBA season suspended? 

The news of the NBA season cancelled is not true as of yet. However, the NBA season suspended 'until further notice' was a statement issued on the official NBA Twitter account. If the Coronavirus continues to persist and spread over the next month, there is a possibility of the NBA season cancelled.

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Will NBA tickets be refunded? NBA season cancelled or NBA season suspended? Refunds for NBA tickets

Fans that have purchased season tickets want to know the answer to will NBA tickets be refunded, but at the moment it is quite unclear. Despite the uncertain answer to 'will NBA tickets be refunded'?, the NCAA has issued a few statements for refunds.

Will NBA tickets be refunded? Refunds for NBA tickets still up in the air

The NCAA  has suggested that the refund for ticket orders from official NCAA CHampionship vendors will be credited with the refund automatically:

1. If you have ordered your tickets from an official NCAA Championship vendor you will receive additional information via email.

2. Your refund will be automatically delivered (except applicable fees) to the same card used for purchase.
3. Refunds should be received within 30 business days after the date of cancellation.

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