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Exclusive | Sreesanth Reveals Top Cricket Players 'Cheated'

Written By Abhishek Nair | Mumbai | Published:

Sreesanth has had a tumultuous career to say the least. 

In 2013, the Cricketing world was left without any answers when the spot-fixing scandal rocked the Indian Premier League. A few days later, India and Kerala bowler S Sreesanth’s name was under the scanner. 

What followed was a lot of media attention and hush-ups by the BCCI, where in eventually the bowler was arrested and sent to Tihar Jail. Even though he was out on bail, he now served a life ban imposed by the BCCI. 

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In an exclusive interview with Republic TV’s Prema Sridevi for the first time ever since the scandal broke, Sreesanth has made some startling revelations regarding more players being involved in the scandal and how the BCCI is shielding them. He questions the difference in BCCI’s treatment to him as compared to the other players named by the Mudgal committee. 

According to Sreesanth, there were 13 names that were named in Mudgal Committee report and BCCI had requested that these names not be revealed. “I remember that the 13 names were named in the Mudgal committee report and BCCI had then requested not to reveal the names as it may affect the Indian Cricket,” said the former Indian bowler. 

He went on to question BCCI’s treatment of these players as compared to him, “Even I was accused without anything and I was in Tihar jail, I’m not saying I want to know the 13 names or I’m going to reveal it. But when I was interrogated in the Delhi cell, so many names were taken, players who currently play cricket for different countries. So I’m just saying what about them?” questions the Kerala bowler. 

He also said that he will not reveal the names as he reflects on the events that happened to him and doesn’t want anyone to go through it. “I’m not going to reveal any of the names because I know what me, my family, my state went through and I don’t anyone to go through what I went through. But my question is, why is the BCCI standing with them and not me?” asks Sreesanth. 

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The bowler also hinted that some of the names that were put out were of players that are still playing ‘good cricket at a very good level’. “The Mudgal Committee was appointed after I got bail and it was then that these names appeared and they were all playing the IPL, they played the IPL the next year also and they are playing international cricket currently.”

Sreesanth feels it is strange that nobody questioned the 13 names apart from Sreesanth and also asks why are the rules only applicable to him?

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