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Finland Cricket Team's 'unusual' Field Placement Has Leaves Fans Bewildered

In a picture posted on Twitter, the Finland Cricket team can be seen using eight players in the slip cordon during a European Cricket Championship match.

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(Image: @Cricket_Germany/ European Cricket Championship)

Cricket fans around the globe have been left in bewilderment after watching the 'unusual' field placement of the Finland cricket team during a European Cricket Championship match against England. In a picture tweeted by the official Twitter handle of the German Cricket Federation, the Finland Cricket team can be seen using eight players at the slips as the fielders get ready before the bowler's delivery. Taking a jibe at the Finland Cricket team, Cricket Germany captioned the picture asking Finland Cricket about the field placement.

The European Cricket Championship is a group tournament in which various national teams across Europe compete with each other. In the 2021 edition of the European Cricket Championship, Finland and England XI find themselves in the Group C of the tournament, along with other teams including Germany, Italy, and the Czech Republic. Meanwhile, Twitter users on finding the tweet by Germany on September 30, expressed their bewilderment and in no time, the picture went viral.

Twitterati react-

A user expressed his desire to see the footage of the match between Finland and England XI, in order to see where the bowler bowls. Another user pointed out that such field placements can be seen during Test matches. At the same time, another user added that he would have also added a fielder at the gully, as the field placement currently looks a bit too defensive.

On the other hand, another user sarcastically mentioned that the team might be choosing their best fielder in slips by trying out the field position. Meanwhile, one of the users tried decoding the field placement by saying that the bowler must have full control over his bowling line, which would have given the captain enough confidence to use eight players in the slips. The user also added that if not for the above reason, the batsman facing the delivery must be having an off-side game.

Among the many reactions, a user wanted to know where the one fielder who is missing in the frame, is placed in the field. Whereas, another user compared Finland's field placement to that of Steve Harmison's while he was bowling at 7/12 against West Indies in 2004.

(Image: @Cricket_Germany/ European Cricket Championship)

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