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HILARIOUS: The BCCI Is Sweating Over Rohit Sharma's 'form' And For Good Reason

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

India may have faced a sharp comedown in their first One Day International (ODI) match against Australia on Saturday, but a player who came out of it with his reputation more than intact was Rohit 'Hitman' Sharma, who scored a magnificent 133 from just 129 balls - more than half of India's combined 254 runs while chasing a total of 288. He scored 10 fours and 6 sixes, but a question being asked now on social media is - can he dance?

The reason for this is a video that's been posted by the BCCI, wherein Rohit is in some kind of food-court, and is being taught the 'floss' dance.

The room in which the video has been shot is quite pleasing on the eye, with cuboid-shaped lanterns lighting up the many tables. Right in front of us is the Mumbai Indians' skipper, who, from across the table is being taught how to do the popular dance wherein, to put it in as simple terms as possible, a person repeatedly swings their arms from behind themselves to the front.

At first, Rohit Sharma, who in an unrelated and happy development has also just become a dad for the first time, gives the appearance that he may grasp it, but very soon it becomes apparent that he's got the proverbial 'two left feet'. As his teacher takes things into a higher gear, Rohit basically just gives up, hands coming to an abrupt stop. 

Even the BCCI has poked fun at him with the use of emoji.

And here's how people have reacted:

India will now have to win both their remaining ODIs against the Aussies if they want to make it a Test-ODI series double, with the second match scheduled to be held on Tuesday.