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Written By Dylan Dsouza | Mumbai | Updated On:

An easy win for the Men in Blue, as they decimate Pakistan by eight wickets with 21 overs to spare. They managed to bowl out their arch-rivals for a mere 162, before Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan gave a start which all but confirmed the victory. Dinesh Karthik and Ambati Rayudu took their side home with some cautious batting.

Over 29:

INDIA WIN! 10 runs from the over, which included two boundaries, as India cruise to a 8-wicket win. 

Over 28:

Zaman continues, and his first delivery his brilliantly hit for a 4 by Rayudu. But the bowler fought back, and conceded just one more run since that boundary. IND - 154/2

Over 27:

Very loose bowling from Malik, as he gives a couple of freebies to be dispatched. Rayudu only manged singles, but Karthik did get a boundary. India need 14 runs more. IND - 149/2

Veteran Shoaib Malik into the attack as he replaces Amir

Over 26: 

Both Karthik and Rayudu seem happy to bide their time and crawl towards the victory. Three runs came from this over of Zaman. IND 140/2

Over 25:

Two runs from this over by Amir as India need just 26 more runs. IND - 137/2

Over 24:

It has all become way too monotonous. Pakistan are just bowling out the overs, and India are walking their way to the target. IND - 135/2

Over 23:

With the ball doing next to nothing, Amir has struggled. He tried many different things in this over, but nothing earned him a wicket. IND - 132/2

Amir into the attack, hoping to make a difference

Over 22:

A better over from Zaman, as he concedes just one run. But it is insignificant for Pakistan, who have only 33 runs to defend, and eight wickets to take. IND - 130/2

Over 21:

Eight runs of the over. Faheem Ashraf may have gotten the wicket of Dhawan, but he has been very expensive today. IND - 129/2

Over 20: 

Another uneventful over for Pakistan, as they concede three runs and stare at a huge defeat. IND - 121/2

Over 19:

Four runs of the over as India close in on the target. IND - 118/2

Over 18:

Zaman, bowling for Shadab, bowls a rank-short delivery, which is easily put away for a 6 by Karthik. India manage to milk two more runs in the over through singles. IND - 114/2

Over 17:

Faheem replaces Hasan from this end, but is met with a 4 off his very first delivery. OUT! But Faheem bounced back in brilliant fashion, getting rid of the left-hander for 46. Still, six runs came from that over. IND - 106/1

Over 16:

Well well, what do we have here? Shadab, having bowled three deliveries in this over, is leaving the field, clutching his back. Fakhar Zaman completes the over. IND - 100/1

Over 15:

Another mediocre over from Hasan Ali, as he concedes six runs, which included a brilliant cut for 4 by Dhawan. India need just 65 more runs to win. IND - 98/1

Over 14:

OUT! Shadab Khan comes into the attack, and in his very first delivery, gets rid of Rohit for 52. But the leg-spinner could not deliver the same line and length in his rest of the deliveries, conceding six runs from the over. IND - 92/1

Over 13:

In the very first ball, Hasan Ali, trying yet another bouncer, was again hit for a 6. this time by Rohit. After two consecutive singles, Rohit reached his 50-run mark with a brilliant shot on the offside. IND - 86/0

Over 12:

First ball of the over, and Faheem overstepped. Though, unlike Usman, he managed to save the free-hit. But he was made to pay four balls later, as Dhawan easily dispatched a ball on the leg side for 4. Seven runs came from the over. IND - 73/0

Over 11:

Yet another over where India got a boundary and easily got a couple of singles. Hasan Ali, trying to bounce Dhawan, was hit for a 6 by the left-hander. IND - 66/0

Over 10: 

Another positive over for India as they close in on the target. Six runs from it, which included a brilliant shot on the offside for a 4 by Dhawan. IND - 58/0

Second bowling change as Pakistan shift to their right-arm fast bowlers. Faheem Ashraf replaces Usman

Over 9:

Pakistan turn from left to right, but result is still the same. Five runs from the over, which included a brilliant swivel to the leg side for a 4 by Rohit. IND - 52/0

First bowling change by Pakistan. Hasan Ali replaces Amir

Over 8:

It's all going wrong for Pakistan. The two batsmen milked singles, before Usman thought of going for a short-ball. But Rohit was up for it, as he pulled the ball for a 6. And it went worse for the bowler, as he bowled a no-ball, which was easily put away for 4. Rohit then made due use of the free-hit, pulling another ball for a 6. A gigantic over, with 19 runs coming from it. IND - 46/0 

Over 7:

Rohit Sharma gets going! The 'Hitman' took 17 deliveries to judge the conditions, but now feels home. He scored two boundaries in this over, one through a cover drive which would have made Virat Kohli proud. IND - 27/0

Over 6:

Usman is hitting the right spots on the pitch, as he is making both Dhawan and Rohit struggle for runs. Only two came from this over, and it seems a matter of time before either of the batsmen take the attack to the opposition. IND - 17/0

Over 5:

Maiden over! No wickets for Pakistan, but they are keeping the scoring of India at check. Amir gave Dhawan no space to free his arms in this over. IND - 15/0

Over 4:

Just one run of the over as Usman finds his range. He bowled a tight line and length, and even beat Dhawan's bat on one occasion. IND - 15/0

Over 3:

A good over for India as pressure builds up on Amir and Pakistan. Dhawan, sensing there is no swing and movement, played two lovely shots, first one getting him a boundary and the second getting him a 3. IND - 14/0

Over 2:

Five runs from the over. Usman threatened Rohit on a couple occasions, which included getting his inside edge on the second delivery, with the ball going away for 4. IND - 7/0

Over 1:

Both the openers have gotten off the mark. First it was Rohit, tapping a ball to the leg side to open the scoring. And Dhawan followed suit, nudging a ball to fine leg. A decent start with the ball by Amir. IND - 2/0

Mohammad Amir to start the proceedings for Pakistan, and he will bowl to India's stand-in skipper for the tournament, Rohit Sharma.

India need only 163 runs to win, but it won't easy against a good Pakistan bowling attack on a pitch which is very slow.

Innings break

Rohit sharma will be a happy man heading into the dressing room, with a decent target to chase. Bhuvneshwar and Jadhav were sensational as they grabbed three wickets apiece. There were couple of stages where Pakistan showed some fight, but otherwise seemed clueless against the Indian bowling attack.

Over 44:

WHAT A WICKET! The show's over for Pakistan as they are bundled out for 162 runs after Jasprit Bumarh strikes a beautiful yorker to dismantle the stumps. India needs 163 runs to win this match. The Indian batsmen will be out to bat shortly.

Bumrah hopes for a wicket

Over 43:

OUT! Flurry of wickets for India as Hasan Ali is the next to depart for Pakistan after he is caught by Dinesh Karthik through some great bowling by Bhuneshwar Kumar. The fast bowler has looked more sharp in the match as compared to the previous one. He caps a great over by giving away only 2 runs. PAK  -162/9.

Bhuveshwar comes back

Over 42:

OUT!  Faheem Ashraf's gritty innings (21) comes to an end after he is dismissed by Bumrah. The Pakistani batsmen goes for the maximum, but with not enough height on it lands into the hands of Shikhar Dhawan. The remaining balls just see two off the over PAK - 160/8.

Bumrah joins the pace attack

Over 41:

Great spell by Bhuvneshwar Kumar which sees him concede just one run. During his over, he had a shotout for a LBW  against Faheem Ashraf, but the umpire didn't seem convinced. PAK - 158-7.

Bhuvneshwar is introduced again

Over 40:

The Pakistani tailenders are displaying immense patience to keep their team into the contest. They have stitched a 36-run partnership so far. PAK 157/7.

Kuldeep Yadav back in the mix

Over 39:

Excellent piece of bowling by Kedhar Jadhav! He is making things difficult for the Pakistani tailenders by giving away just three runs. PAK 151/7. 

Jadhav comes back to give India the breakthrough

Over 38:

Too many dropped chances by India, Shikhar Dhawan is the victim again! Mohammed Amir and Faheem Ashraf are slowly ticking the runs on the board. One boundary and 3 singles off this over and Pakistan are edging closer to the 150 run-mark. PAK 148/7.

Chahal back into the attack

Over 37:

The Pakistani batsmen are looking to slow down the tempo by making small runs. 3 runs off this over. PAK - 141/7.

Jadhav comes on to bowl his fifth over

Over 36:

Sloppy play for Chahal! The leg-break bowler had two chances to get a wicket in his over. One was ruled out a no-ball, while the second chance was dropped by him.  He also gave away 4 runs. PAK - 138-7.

Chahal joins the spin attack

Over 35:

Decent over for Jadhav! Just 4 runs conceded, India look in command now. PAK - 134/7.

Rohit Sharma calls Kedhar Jadhav to bowl

Over 34:

Chance for India to pile more misery on Pakistan. A diving Shikhar Dhawan sees his effort go in the vain as Mohammad Amir's flick off his bat pierces through the slips and races onto the boundary line. 9 runs off the over, much needed for Pakistan.  PAK - 130/7.

Bumrah called into the attack

Over 33: 

OUT! Kedhar Jadhav gets his third wicket after producing a wonderful delivery which sneaks past the onrushing Shadab Khan. Standing behind the stumps, MS Dhoni makes no mistake as he whisks the bails off in a blink of an eye. Another great over for India with just 2 runs off it. PAK - 121/7.

Spin bowling is called back into the attack, Jadhav to bowl

Over 32:

Fine spell by Bumrah! The fast bowler had come close to taking a wicket on two ocaasions. One instance was when his short-pitched ball missed Shadab's bat by a whisker, the other was a failed review for a LBW against Faheem Ashraf. Decent over with just three runs conceded! PAK 119/6.

Jasprit Bumrah is called on to bowl 

Over 31:

Another good over by Jadhav! 3 runs conceded and the Pakistani bastmen are not looking comfortable. PAK -117/6.

Kedhar Jadhav comes back into the attack

Over 30:

The Pakistani lower-order are struggling to pick the Indian spin bowling. Kuldeep does well to give away only 3 runs. PAK - 113/6.

Kuldeep to pile the pressure on Pakistan

Over 29:

OUT! Kedhar spins a tasty delivery, which edges off Asif Ali's bat and falls straight into the gloves off MS Dhoni. Jadhav tops it up by producing a maiden over off his remaining deliveries. India in the drivers seat now. PAK - 110/6.

Kedhar Jadhav back to trouble the Pakistani batsmen

Over 28:

Expensive over by Kuldeep! One six and four singles ease the pressure slightly off Pakistan. PAK - 110/5.

Kudleep into the attack

Over 27:

OUT! Great piece of fielding by Ambati Rayudu, who aims directly at the stumps to runout the danger man, Shoaib Malik. Pakistan have gone past the 100 run mark, but India can breathe a sigh of relief, atleast temporarily. Just 3 runs off this over. PAK - 100/5.

Spin attack continues, Kedhar Jadhav into the mix

Over 26:

Superb bowling by Kuldeep Yadav to put both the Pakistani batsmen Shoaib Malik and Asif Ali, on the back foot. Just one run off the over! PAK - 97/4.

Kuldeep Yadav looking to get his second wicket

Over 25:

OUT! Sarfarz Ahmed walks back to the pavilion after he was caught by Manish Pandey in the deep, who produced a brilliant piece of skill on the boundary line. Just three runs conceded off the remaining balls. PAK - 96/4.

Kedhar Jadhav out to bowl his second over


Lower back injury for the fast bowler, but BCCI says that he is able to stand now.  The medical team will provide further updates after further assessing his condition. 

Over 24:

Shoaib Malik was dropped for the second time in the game, but this time it was Bhuvneshwar Kumar at the receiving end. The dropped chance proves costly as India concede five runs of the Kuldeep's over. PAK - 93/3.

Kuldeep back into the attack

Over 23:

Superb first over for Kedhar Jadhav! Spin doing the trick for India as they concede just one run off the over. PAK - 87/3.

Kedhar Jadhav introduced into the attack for the first tome

Over 22:

OUT! Kuldeep provides the much needed breakthrough! The Chinaman bowler produces a peach of a delivery to deceive Babar Azam and rip the leg stump. The under-pressure Pakistani batsmen just score one run off the remaining five deliveries. PAK - 86/3.

Kuldeep hoping for a wicket

Over 21: 

Pakistani batsmen showing great resistance to spin bowling. Five runs off Chahal's over. PAK - 85/2.

Spin bowling contiues, Chahal in the attack

Over 20:

Yadav finally displays some quality spin bowling! Also, some great fielding by the substitute Manish Pandey also sees 4 runs given away in the over. PAK - 80/2.

Kuldeep Yadav comes to bowl his second over

Over 19:

Great bowling by Chahal! Pakistan struggling to counter spin as India concedes just three runs in the over! PAK - 76/2.

Spin is back into the action, Chahal to bowl

Over 18:

Disciplined batting by Pakistan, who score six runs off this over. On the other hand, India suffer a major blow after Hardik Pandya falls to the ground after picking an hamstring injury. Ambati Raydu bowls the last ball of the over and it's a dot ball. PAK - 73/2.

Hardik Pandya comes back into the attack

Over 17:

Sloppy fielding again by the Indian players! Six runs conceded off Chahal's over. PAK - 66/2.

Chahal to bowl his third over

Over 16: 

Pakistani batsmen slowing things down at the crease by just scoring 3 runs. However, India had great chance to get their third wicket off Hardik Pandya's last delivery after Dhoni had dropped Shoaib Malik's wicket behind the stumps. PAK - 60/2.

Hardik Pandya into the action

Over 15:

Good bowling by Chahal! The Indian bowler pitches all his deliveries in front of the wicket putting the Pakistani batsmen on the backfoot. He gives away just two runs of his over. PAK - 57/2.

Chahal back to bowl his second over

Over 14:

The Indian bowling attack seem to be crumbling under pressure. Hardik Pandya concedes six runs to see the Pakistan take their score past the 50-run mark. PAK - 55-2.

Hardik comes back into the attack

Over 13:

Poor start by Kuldeep! The experienced Shoaib Malik is steering the ship for Pakistan. He whacks a six off Kuldeep's fourth delivery, while the remaining five balls see four runs conceded. PAK - 49/2. 

Spin into the attack, in the form of Kuldeep Yadav

Over 12:

The Pakistani batsmen are slowly looking to get into the groove. India needs to pull up their socks after some sloppy fielding see them give away 6 runs off Hardik Pandya's over. PAK - 39/2. 

Hardik comes for his second over

Over 11:

Expensive over for Chahal, who sees 7 runs conceded off his bowling. The Pakistani batsmen will be looking to build from here. PAK - 32/2. 

Yuz Chahal introduced after the powerplay

Over 10:

Great chance for a run-out in his second delivery but Babar Azam manages to scrape through. Good start for Hardik, who gives away just 2 runs off his first over. PAK 25/2.

Hardik Pandya is introduced into attack

Over 9:

Bumrah bowls a good length in all his six deliveries to keep the Pakistani batsmen quiet. He just concedes 1 run off the over! PAK - 23/2. 

Bhuvneshwar to keep continuing 

Over 8:

Great comeback over for Bumrah, who sees just 2 runs conceded. The Pakistani batsmen are struggling to deal with the Indian pace attack at the moment. PAK - 22/2. 

Jasprit Bumrah brought on to keep the Pak batsmen quiet

Over 7: 

Babar Azam and Shoaib Malilk ease the pressure off Pakistan. Two fours off Bhuvi's over put Pakistan in a comfortable position after seven overs. PAK - 20/2. 

Bhuvneshwar back in the attack

Over 6: 

Shoaib Malik gets into the attack straight away in order to restore Pakistan's innings. Malik scores the first boundary of the game and manages to get 4 runs of the remaining five deliveries along with Babar Azam. PAK - 12/2.

Bumrah to bowl his third over

Over 5: 

OUT! Bhuvi gets the big wicket of Fakhar Azam, who departs for a duck. The Indian bowler pitches a shot-length ball, but Fakhar goes for the big one and sees his shot been caught by Chahal. The following five deliveries see just one run conceded. Dream start for India. PAK - 4/2. 

Bhuveshwar comes back into the attack

Over 4: 

Another maiden over for Jasprit Bumrah as the Pakistani batsmen Babar Azam and Fakhar Azam look to keep their patience at the crease. Things looking good for India so far. PAK 3/1.

Jasprit Bumrah keeps the Pakistani openers quiet

Over 3: 

OUT! Bhuvi draws first blood as he scalps the wicket of  Imam-ul-Haq. The Pakistani batsmen goes for a big shot but awfully mistimes his shot and it edges for MS Dhoni behind the stumps. The following four deliveries saw just one run being conceded. Great over for Bhuvi! PAK - 3/1.

Bhuvi comes back for his second over

Over 2: 
Maiden over for Bumrah as the Pakistani openers continue to struggle with bat. PAK - 2/0.

Jasprit Bumrah joins the attack

Over 1:

Good start from Bhuvi, as he concedes just two runs. The pitch looks slow in nature, with Imam-ul-Haq struggling to time the ball. PAK - 2/0

Bhuvneshwar Kumar to start the proceedings!

Indian national anthem being played out ahead of the start of the match.

Just 15 minutes to go before the Indian team, led by Rohit Sharma, take the field against the two Pakistani openers.

Here's the playing XI for India, which sees Jasprit Bumrah and Hardik Pandya come in for Shardul Thakur and Khaleel Ahmed

Pakistan wins the toss and choose to bat first; India announce two changes - Bumrah and Pandya replace Thakur and Khaleel Ahmed

India XI: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Ambati Rayudu, Dinesh Karthik, MS Dhoni, Kedhar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah

The two teams have played out some memorable matches in the past in Asia Cup. Here are the five best of them.

India are playing their second match in two days, having struggled past Hong Kong on Tuesday. How will they fare against Pakistan? Here's the preview of the match.

Former Indian opener Virender Sehwag has given a cheeky prediction ahead of the fixture between India and Pakistan.

Just over an hour to go for the blockbuster fixture. It's India vs Pakistan, though, the shine and limelight from this extravaganza has been taken away a little by the absence of Virat Kohli.  

It doesn't get much bigger than this! Arch-rivals India and Pakistan are set to take on each other on Wednesday for the first time since the glorious night (if you are a Pakistan fan), or the ill-fated night (for most Indian fans) of the Champions Trophy 2017 final.

More than an year ago, the Men in Green (Pakistan) put one of their greatest ever ODI performance in an ICC event to beat the Men in Blue (India) by a mammoth 180-run margin. It was a shock, surprise and what not, given India had ran their opponents over when the two teams had met in the group stage round.

Though, that was a different competition!

In the previous editions of Asia Cup, the two teams have been equally matched, though, in the 2016 competition, which was played as a 20-over format, India beat their neighbors on their way to a sixth trophy. 

But in the 2018 edition, the early signs suggest a repeat of Champions Trophy 2017 instead of Asia Cup 2016. Pakistan, in their opening fixture, beat Hong Kong in a convincing manner on Sunday. But when India played the same opponent on Tuesday, it was completely different story. 

Without their star man and skipper Virat Kohli, the Men in Blue labored to 285 for 7 batting first. It was a par score on a track which had very little for the bowlers. For most part of Hong Kong's innings, it seemed one of the greatest upsets of all time was on cards.

The minnows made an exceptional start, and were 174 for no wicket after 34 overs. They needed only 112 runs in 16 overs, something which was very achievable in present times. But Hong Kong's inexperienced showed, as they lost wickets in regular intervals before ending up short by 26 runs. For India, it was a win, and a place confirmed in the next round, yet, the result seemed more like a loss than a win.

A contrasting display against the same Hong Kong side represents the present scenario of both the teams. Pakistan are almost the home team, given they have played most of their matches in UAE in this decade. As for India, the absence of Kohli, as well as back to back matches in two days seems sure to take a toll.

Both the teams are assured of a place in the final four, so not much is at stake here in terms of a result. But no one can forget, neither the fans or the teams, that it's India against Pakistan. The two neighboring countries don't play a bilateral series against each other for all the political reasons, hence, fixtures in such competitions become all-so important.

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