LIVE: IPL 2018, Qualifier 2, KKR Vs SRH

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Catch all the live action and commentary of IPL 2018, Qualifier 2 between KKR and SRH

Written By Narayan R | Mumbai | Updated On:

Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 13 runs to enter the final of IPL 2018. They will take on CSK in the final.

Over 20:

Brathwaite held his nerve in the final over, and led SRH to a win by 13 runs. Youngster Shivam Mavi scored a four off the first ball to make the tie interesting. But Mavi was unlucky in the second ball, holing out in deep. Needing 15 from 4 balls, the match got over, after Gill failed to clear the ropes, and was caught at the deep by man of the match Rashid Khan. The following three deliveries got KKR one run, as SRH held on for a 13-run win. KKR 161/9

Brathwaite chosen to defend 19 in the final over

Over 19:

KKR need 19 runs from the final over. Kaul removed Chawla off the very first ball. The ball was right in the slot to be hit, but Chawla missed it. But the following five deliveries went for 11 runs, with Gill scoring a six off the last ball to keep the fight on. KKR 156/7 

Kaul to bowl the penultimate over

Over 18:

Another exceptional over for SRH. With KKR needing over 13 runs per over, Bhuvneshwar has yorked his way to conceding just 9 runs from it. The first five balls were all singles, but the last ball went for a boundary. KKR 145/6

Bhuvneshwar to finish off his quota of overs

Over 17: 

A perfect over under pressure from Kaul. He just conceded four runs in the over. KKR 136/6

Siddharth Kaul to bowl the 17th over

Over 16:

Brilliant over for KKR, as they score 14 runs from it. The debutant Khaleel went for eight in his first five balls, but was hit for six in the final delivery by Piyush Chawla. KKR need 43 from 4 overs. KKR 132/6

Khaleel to take over from the spinners

Over 15: 

Legendary over from Rashid. He conceded just one run, and removed the dangerous Russell. Piyush Chawla came to the crease with KKR in big big trouble. He defended the following two deliveries. KKR 118/6

Rashid to finish off his spell

Over 14:

Another exceptional over from Shakib, conceding just five runs. Agony for Shakib in the finall ball of the over, as Saha drops Russell. The KKR duo on the crease are dealing in singles right now. KKR 117/5

Shakib continues on for SRH 

Over 13: 

Another sensational over for SRH. Tragedy for KKR as Rashid removes Lynn for 48. The opener tried to sweep, but missed it, and was caught plumb. Andre Russell came to the crease, and joins in Shubman Gill, who himself was yet to face a ball. Just four runs from the over, and a huge huge wicket. KKR 112/5

Rashid continues

Over 12:

What an over from Shakib! The all-rounder concedes just four runs and removes the dangerous Karthik. KKR skipper tried to cut a ball, which wasn't short enough. Shakib and SRH rejoice. A big blow for KKR. Lynn is losing partners. KKR 108/4

Shakib brought back into the attack

Over 11:

Wicket for SRH, but an expensive over. Rashid repaid his captain's call by removing an out of form Uthappa the very first ball. Captain DK came to the crease. The following five deliveries went for 11 runs as Karthik and Lynn found a boundary each. KKR 104/3

Wickets needed for SRH, and Rashid is called back to bowl

Over 10:

A good comeback over from Bhuvneshwar, having gone for 24 runs in his first two overs. He tied Uthappa at one end with some good deliveries, conceding one run from five balls. In the final ball, Lynn got a lucky boundary through third man. KKR 93/2

Bhuvneshwar called back to bowl

Over 9:

A good over for SRH, with just seven runs and a wicket from it. After a single and four of first two deliveries, Rana was run-out after slipping trying to run two runs. A much needed breakthrough for SRH. Robin Uthappa comes to the crease. KKR 88/2

Shakib to bowl the 9th over

Over 8:

Another expensive over for SRH, with 11 runs coming from it. Brathwaite started off by conceding just two runs of the first two deliveries. But Lynn got a four off the third ball. A dot followed, but the over ended with another four and a single. KKR 81/1

Brathwaite into the attack

Over 7:

Brilliant over from Rashid. He made impact the very first ball, drawing a lbw shout on Lynn. SRH went upstairs for a review, but the replays found the ball to have been hitting the glove. He gave away just three runs from the over, and caused both the batsmen a lot of problems. KKR 70/1

Rashid Khan to bowl. Big moment in the match

Over 6:

Good overs keep on coming for KKR, with 9 runs coming off it. He was welcomed with a monstrous six by Lynn of the very first ball. But the bowler gave away just three runs in the following five deliveries as Timeout was taken. SRH 67/1 

Kaul continues

Over 5:

Another good over for KKR as 12 runs come from it. After the first two deliveries were dots, Rana managed to score a six over the third man's head to get the innings total past 50. After another dot ball, Rana got another maximum, this time on the leg side with an unconventional pull. SRH 58/1

Khaleel back in the attack

Over 4:

OUT! After getting two runs off the first ball, Narine was foxed by a slower ball, and was caught at mid-on by Carlos Brathwaite for 26. Nitish Rana came to the crease, but Lynn was on strike. The very first ball post the wicket was a full toss, which Lynn dispatched for a four. The over went for 8 runs, but an important wicket of Narine fell. SRH 46/1

Siddharth Kaul into the attack

Over 3:

A bad bad over for SRH, as Narine wrecked havoc. The West Indian hit Bhuvneshwar all around the park. The first four balls went for 4,6,4,4 before Narine took a single of the fifth delivery. Lynn saw off the final ball, but the damage was done as KKR got 19 from the over. KKR 38/0

Bhuvneshwar continues

Over 2:

The debutant did not have a good start. conceding four of his first delivery. His following two balls went for two runs. The over seemed to be going fine for Khaleed, but his last ball was brutally hit away for six by Lynn. KKR 19/0

Debutant Khaleel to bowl from the other end

Over 1:

A good start for Sunrisers as Kumar concede just six of the first over. Having started off with two dots, the bolwer conceded a four of the third delivery. But he pulled things back with just two runs in the final three deliveries. KKR 6/0

Sunil Narine and Chris Lynn come out to bat. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to start off the proceedings.

Quite a sensational knock from Rashid Khan, who has helped SRH to a very good score. Can KKR chase the total down? We'll find out when they come out to chase in 15 mins

Over 20:

Good length ball, and Bhuvenshwar gets a four. Good start for KKR. A single to follow as Rashid gets back on strike. A slower one, and with the mid-off up, Rashid gets a boundary over him. UNBELIEVABLE! What a shot from Rashid. Ball on the middle, and he picks it up and gets a six on the leg side. Now pressure on the bowler, and he bowls a wide. Another hit from Rashid, and it lands between two fielders. They get two runs. Final ball, and it's a SIX! Rashid scores a 10-ball 34 as SRH end up with 174/7. 

Prasidh Krishna to end the SRH innings

Over 19:

First ball, and Pathan goes for a big shot, and is caught very well at the deep by Chawla. He departs for 3. Bhuvenshwar comes in. A dot ball follows. DROPPED! He took a good catch couple of balls back, but Chawla can't hold on to a shot from Rashid, which goes for a six. Another dot ball. A brilliant slower on from Mavi, as Rashid completely foxed. WOAH! Six of the last ball as Rashid gets down to one knee and smacks it over the covers. SRH 150/7 

Mavi to bowl the 19th over

Over 18:

Brathwaite plays his first ball for a single to the off side. A slower ball from Prasidh, and Pathan fails to connect properly. Gets a single though. What a yorker, as Brathwaite just about keeps it out. Full toss, and SIX! Prasidh misses his line, and is punished by Brathwaite. The bowler tries to go wide, but in the process, concedes an extra run. A brilliant fielding effort by Nitish Rana at the deep, and Brathwaite is run out trying to take a double. He departs for 8. Rashid Khan comes and, and gets a lucky boundary on his first delivery. SRH 138/6 

Prasidh Krishna to bowl the 18th

Over 17:

Hooda takes a single off the fist ball. Second ball is a dot. A good ball from Narine, but batsmen get a single. And another dot ball as Hooda gets outfoxed. GONE! Hooda tries to play a reverse-sweep, but is caught. He departs for 19. Brathwaite is the next to come in. Dot ball to end his spell. Just two of Narine's final over. SRH 124/5

Narine to end his spell

Over 16:

And Shakib is gone! Hooda plays a beautiful straight drive, but it hits Kuldeep's fingers and hits the wicket at the non-striker end, where Shakib was out of his crease. He departs for 28. Pathan comes to the crease, at the non-strikers end. That's huge! Hooda picks the wrong one, and hits it straight for a six. He then follows it up with a single. Pathan gets a full toss first up, and hits it to long-on for a single. Another single for Hooda. A good wrong one to end his spell by Kuldeep. SRH 122/4 

Kuldeep Yadav to finish off his spell

Over 15:

It's a short ball, and Shakib dispatches it to the boundary. And another! Two in two for Shakib as he gets a boundary on the leg side. He then does the sensible thing, and takes a single. Hooda gets two after his airborne shot fell short of cover fielder. A single to finish off the over. SRH 113/3

Narine to bowl his thid over

Over 14:

Two singles to start off the over. And, make it three runs from three balls. Dealing in singles are SRH as Shakib takes another one. And to break the singles duck, its a dot ball. And another single to finish the over. 100 up for SRH. SRH 100/3

Kuldeep is back

Over 13:

A single to start off. Shakib is on strike, and plays a glorious cover drive for four. A quicker one from Chawla, and Shakib misses it. A single refused by Hooda irritates Shakib. Third dot ball in a row. Make it four! Just five runs from the over. SRH 95/3

Piyush continues

Over 12:

First ball is played for a single by Shakib. Hooda does the same off the second ball, and rotates the strike. Three balls, three singles now as Shakib gives the strike back. Oh, good ball from Shakib as Hooda beaten all ends up. Another single. Just four runs of five balls till now. Dot to finish. SRH 90/3

Narine for his second over

Over 11:

And he is welcomed back with a beautiful cover drive for four by Shakib. A loose shot from the all-rounder, but he gets a single. OUT! Saha is stumped by Karthik. He departs for 35! Hooda comes out to bat, and is foxed by a wrong one first up. Still manages a single. Next ball is a dot. Last ball of the over goes for a single. SRH 86/3

Piyush back in the attack

Over 10:

A huge lbw appeal of the first ball by Kuldeep against Saha. Umpire says no, but KKR take their review. OH! A poor review from the home side, as there was no pad involved, and only bat. SHOCKER! The next ball is milked towards fine leg for four by Saha. And he follows it up with a single. A dot ball as Shakib steps down the pitch, but could only prod the ball back to the bowler. The fifth ball of the over goes for a single. WOAH! What a sweep from Saha, as he gets another boundary. SRH 79/2

Kuldeep to continue

Over 9:

Shakib takes single off the first ball. WHAT A SHOT! Saha does a Kohli, and plays a glorious cover drive for a four. Good thinking from Saha, as he follows the boundary with a single. The fourth ball of the over is a dot, as Shakib finds the fielder on the leg side. Another dot ball. Two runs off the last ball. Its time for timeout. SRH 69/2

Prasidh Krishna back into the attack

Over 8:

What a start from Kuldeep. A wicket off the first ball is Dhawan is trapped lbw trying to sweep. He departs for 34. Kane Williamson comes to the crease. The skipper gets off the mark with a single. Googly from Kuldeep, played safely for a single by Saha. Good shot from Williamson, but gets only a couple. GONE! Kuldeep bowls a beauty, and Williamson knicks it off to the wicket-keeper. He departs for 3. Shakib Al Hasan comes to the crease, and takes a single. SRH 61/2

Kuldeep Yadav into the attack

Over 7:

No run off the first ball. But Dhawan makes amends with a crackling straight drive for four of the second ball. A sweep off the third delivery for a single. Saha playing with fire; gets lucky with a sweep for a single. SHOT! Dhawan seems to be in form as he hits another straight drive for a four. Dhawan gets final ball of the over for a single as SRH get 11 from th over.  SRH 56/0

Piyush Chawla comes on

Over 6:

Single off the first ball. Another single, this time from Saha. Three balls, three singles now. Narine giving nothing away as another single. A dot of the fifth ball. Single of the final ball. Just 5 from the over. SRH 45/0

Sunil Narine into the attack

Over 5: A single towards third man as Dhawan gives the strike of the first ball to Saha. Edge and a four! Saha gets his first boundary, though with a bit of luck. A slower ball from Mavi and Saha gets a single. Full toss, and Dhawan misses out as he can only get a single. First bouncer of the over from Mavi, and the batsmen scamper for two. FOUR! Cracking shot of the last ball of the over from Saha. SRH 40/0

Mavi to bowl his 3rd over

Over 4: 

Good first delivery to start off. Short of a length ball on the off, and Whacked by Dhawan as he gets his second boundary. Another cracking shot by the left-hander, but straight to the fielder. Beautiful! A slower ball from Russell, but what timing and placement from Dhawan for another four. Short ball from Russell, pulled towards deep for a single. Another short ball, and its a dot. SRH 27/0

Russell comes on to bowl!

Over 3:

A single to start of the over from Saha, who is taking it slowly. Another single of the second ball. Mavi is bowling good lengths! OH! A wild swing from Saha, as the ball goes just past the stumps. DROPPED! Saha goes for a big shot, and gets a leading edge. The ball goes right up in the air, but skipper Karthik is unable to hold on. The batsmen scamper for a single. Another single of the fifth ball of the over. Dot to finish. SRH 18/0 

Mavi To Continue

Over 2:  

A dot ball to start off. Oh!!! A yes/no situation almost results in the run-out of Saha. Single of the third ball, as Saha gets an inside edge towards the leg-side. Another wide from Prasidh. Failing to get his line right. Another single, this time off the pads. Brilliant piece of fielding effort at covers from Uthappa saves at least 2 runs for his side. Dealing in singles are SRH. AND IT'S A SIX! A leg side ball glanced over the boundary by Dhawan. SRH are 14/0 after 2 overs

Prasidh Krishna to bowl the second over

Over 1: 

A good first over to start off with from Mavi. After bowling a wide first up, he has improved, and his line and length has been good. Just 4 runs of the over! 

Shivam Mavi to start off for KKR. Wriddhiman Saha and Shikhar Dhawan to open the batting

A few minutes to go before the start in front of a packed Eden Gardens.

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Shikhar Dhawan, Kane Williamson (capt), Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Shakib Al Hasan, Yusuf Pathan, Deepak Hooda, Carlos Brathwaite, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Rashid Khan, Siddarth Kaul, Khaleel Ahmed 

Kolkata Knight Riders: Sunil Narine, Chris Lynn, Robin Uthappa, Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik (capt, wk), Shubman Gill, Andre Russell, Piyush Chawla, Kuldeep Yadav, Prasidh Krishna, Shivam Mavi 

KKR have made one change to their side, with Shivam Mavi replacing Javon Searles. SRH have made three changes, with Wriddhiman Saha, Deepak Hooda and Khaleel Ahmed coming for Manish Pandey, Shreevats Goswami and Sandeep Sharma 


Less than 10 minutes to go for the big toss at the Eden Gardens!

LIVE BLOG: IPL 2018, Qualifier 2, Kolkata Knight Riders vs Sunrisers Hyderabad at Eden Gardens, Kolkata

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) will clash on Saturday in the Qualifier 2 to determine who takes on Chennai Super Kings in the IPL 2018 final. In the playoffs, KKR overcame Rajasthan Royals' challenge in the eliminator, whereas SRH were beaten by CSK in the qualifier 1.

Two-time champions KKR finished third in the group stage round. They have relied on their opening batters and spin bowlers throughout the tournament. Like last season, Chris Lynn and Sunil Narine have given their side incredible starts in most matches. While below them, Robin Uthappa and Nitish Rana haven't had a season to remember, but captain Dinesh Karthik has made up for their lack of form with some incredible middle order batting. He has received occasional support from Andre Russell.

With the ball, KKR spinners have done the job, though Rusell and surprise element Prasidh Krishna have done decent job as the fast bowlers. Narine with the ball has been his usual self, taking wickets without conceding much. He has received due support from Piyush Chawla and Kuldeep Yadav, even though neither of them have performed upto their standards.

As for SRH, things seemed to go perfectly for 11 matches. Since then, they have faltered in four consecutive games, including the qualifier 1 against CSK. Skipper Kane Williamson has been absolutely sensational for the 2016 champions, both with the bat, and as captain. He has received good support from Shikhar Dhawan, though his form has also fallen in the past few matches.

If there was ever any team which could win the game on its bowling, its SRH. Rashid Khan has continued on his excellent last season, and the pacers - Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Sandeep Sharma and Siddharth Kaul have all bowled exceptionally well. 

The contest will be a close one, and there is no doubt its a batsman vs bowlers game, where KKR will hope their strong and aggressive batsmen can unsettle the impeccable SRH bowling.

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