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Mr Supersonic Dhoni Is The Fastest Land Mammal: ICC's Cheeky Question Gets Rajinikanth-esque Responses

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Indian Cricket fans have filled Twitter with Rajinikanth-esque jokes about MS Dhoni's speed, after the ICC tried to banter with him over a viral image from after India's first ODI win over New Zealand in the Kiwis' own backyard. 

Following the first ODI at Napier, which India won by 8 wickets (Duckworth/Lewis Method), chasing down New Zealand's 157-run target with relative ease, World Cup-winning skipper Dhoni and current Team India captain Virat Kohli field-tested (literally) a pair of Segway scooters, moseying along the outfield as the post-match press conferences were going on. 

VIRAL: MS Dhoni And Virat Kohli Scoot Around The Outfield In New Zealand In Fun ‘post-game Shenanigans’

The video went viral, and shortly after, the ICC got in on the act as well by tweeting out a picture of Dhoni on his ride. The International Cricket Council attempted to have a little fun, asking if Dhoni was looking for a quicker way between the stumps, potentially implying that India's superstar had slowed down.

Dhoni fans, however, have given the question an emphatic response, including some humdingers:

Some have said that wheels are simply not as quick as Dhoni:

Others think Dhoni isn't impressed by the machine's speed:

One person has a neat telecommunications analogy for how quick Dhoni is:

One has called Dhoni Mr Supersonic:

Someone says Dhoni is the fastest land mammal:

Someone else says Dhoni is the fastest human in history:

One person thinks Dhoni is just wondering whether to add it to his collection of two-wheelers:

At the moment, it's Dhoni who is winning, not just on Twitter, but also in Cricket in general, having played a starring role in all three ODIs against Australia. He was named Man of the Series following India's 2-1 series triumph.