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Sanjana Ganesan's 'Sunday Morning Look' Floors Netizens, IPL Presenter Ups Instagram Game

Recently, Sanjana Ganesan’s Sunday morning look floored the netizens after she posted a story on her Instagram account which is aesthetically pleasing.

Sanjana Ganesan

Sanjana Ganesan, who actively features as a TV presenter for Star Sports India has recently taken her social media game up a notch after the suspension of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021. Sanjana Ganesan was previously seen on the BYJU’s Cricket live show on the Star Sports Network and she had earlier made the rounds on social media after she got married to the Indian fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah. Recently, Sanjana Ganesan’s Sunday morning look floored the netizens after she posted a story on her Instagram account.

Sanjana Ganesan's Instagram story leaves netizens in awe

Fans would be quick to notice that the Sanjana Ganesan photos on her Instagram account are aesthetically pleasing and she has maintained a consistent posting schedule. However, it was an Instagram story and not the Sanjana Ganesan photos which left the Netizens in awe this time. She posted an Instagram story on the Monday morning of May 16.

Sanjana Ganesan managed to spread the charm among fans through this Instagram story as she managed to perfectly carry a white coloured night suit with the design of hearts all over it. She displayed elegance through this Instagram story which showed her Monday morning start to the day. Even though she wasn’t wearing any makeup as opposed to her time on-air, it was her natural beauty and freshness which enthralled the fans.

Sanjana Ganesan KKR presenter role

During the Indian Premier League 2020 season, Sanjana hosted a handful of exclusive talk shows for the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) franchise. Sanjana was the presenter of KKR's The Knight Club, a program where supporters of the two-time IPL champions were able to share their thoughts on the team. After the conclusion of the IPL 2020 season she continued her role as a sports presenter with Star Sports India while ending her role with the KKR team.

Jasprit Bumrah and Sanjana Ganesan wedding picture blows social media

The marriage of Jasprit Bumrah and sports presenter Sanjana Ganesan took social media by storm when the couple announced their wedding on March 15 on Instagram. Jasprit Bumrah and Sanjana Ganesan tied the knot in Goa in a private ceremony. Since then have shared many adorable moments on social media which have had the fans in awe of the Jasprit Bumrah wedding.


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Earlier Jasprit Bumrah had posted a picture on Instagram celebrating his one month anniversary. The Jasprit Bumrah marriage with Sanjana Ganesan is seen as a dream marriage by fans. The Jasprit Bumrah wedding picture on Bumrah’s Instagram account has received over 2.9 million likes and over 39.6 comments so far.

Image Source: Jasprit Bumrah Instagram

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