Shahid Afridi Ridiculed In Pakistan: 'Should've Spent Time At Crease'

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Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat ridiculed Shahid Afridi's cricketing career, hinting at the number of times Shahid Afridi has left his team high and dry.

Written By Koushik Narayanan | Mumbai | Updated On:

Former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi made a desperate call for the people of Pakistan to come together to stand in solidarity for the people of Kashmir, as he took to announce in his involvement in a series of events for the same. Shahid Afridi was given a befitting reply from BJP leader Gautam Gambhir but he continued to launch personal attacks at the former Indian opener. Shahid Afridi has joined the long list of Pakistanis such as Javed Miandad, British boxer Amir Khan who have visited the areas near the LoC and have been in sync with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's call for people of Pakistan to 'unite to save Kashmir'. Shahid Afridi, however, received severe flak for his stance on the Kashmir issue, as many users took to give it back to the former cricketer in a language he best understood. 

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Naila Inayat insults Shahid Afridi

Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat ridiculed Shahid Afridi's cricketing career, hinting at the number of times Shahid Afridi has left the Pakistan team high and dry. Naila Inayat, known for her attacks that are disguised with wit and humour, attacked the cricketer after he made a rallying call, echoing Pakistan PM Imran Khan's plea for people to support 'Kashmir Hour'. Naila Inayat's take at Shahid Afridi left the netizens in peals of laughter, even as enraged Shahid Afridi fans tried to rebuke. Naila Inayat wished that Shahid Afridi spent more time in the crease than responding to rallying calls of cricketers turned politicians. Here's what Naila Inayat had to say to Shahid Afridi:

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Shahid Afridi to visit LoC to express 'solidarity'

With Pakistan's attempts to get international intervention via the United Nations have failed miserably, it is now using other tactics to garner global attention towards Kashmir. Just days after boxer Amir Khan visited the LoC, former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi took to Twitter to reveal that he was planning to visit the LoC soon. Shahid Afridi rallied for people to support Pakistan PM Imran Khan's call to 'show solidarity' with the people of Kashmir and said that he will also be visiting the house of a 'martyr' on September 6. It has become a trend in Pakistan ever since the abrogation of Article 370 to spread fake news about civil unrest and oppression in Kashmir even though there is no proof to suggest the same. Pakistan has also been exposed recently for pushing and promoting fake news in order to create unrest and misinform people about the happenings in Kashmir. Here's what Shahid Afridi had to say about Kashmir:

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