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Sreesanth's Wife Writes Open Letter Asking BCCI To Let Her Husband 'relive His Dreams'

Written By Dylan Dsouza | Mumbai | Published:


  • Sreesanth revealed that he tried to commit suicide following the spot-fixing allegations against him in IPL
  • In one of the previous episode of the show, Sreesanth had also opened up about the 'slapgate' controversy

Former Indian cricketer S Sreesanth has been the spotlight recently with few of his stunning revelations made on the Indian TV reality show Big Boss. The tainted cricketer has spilled the beans over his jail term experience, and cleared the air surrounding infamous slap-gate controversy, and also recently cried his out heart about the time he even contemplated suicide after the match-fixing scandal.

Sreesanth's emotional outburst was laughed at by certain users on the internet. The most prominent one to poke fun at the former pace bowler was the former Rajasthan Royals co-owner, Raj Kundra who commented on the video by Colors TV's Instagram handle. Shilpa Shetty's husband commented on the video saying "Epic".

However, the comments made by Raj Kundra didn't seem to go down with some people. Sreesanth's wife particularly was least pleased by the businessman's remarks and lashed out at Kundra, stating that he had no right of making such remarks when he himself has been involved in a controversy of betting.


There is no doubt that Sreesanth's better half has been a pillar of support during these tough times her husband is facing, And now his wife, Bhuvneshwari Kumari has written an heartfelt open letter to BCCI, asking the sports governing body to let him relive his dream.

"In the letter, Bhuvaneshwari wrote: "I am writing this with a very heavy heart as it breaks me to pieces to see Sree thinking or talking about worst days of his life. I wish and pray no one ever goes through what he and his family went through. The IPL spot-fixing case where Sree was accused of taking Rs 10 lakh from bookie to concede 14 runs or more in a particular over in Mohali and giving a signal by wearing towel according to Delhi police. The fact is he never gave 14 runs. Anyone who knows cricket can understand that Sree did not give runs in first few balls and there were no no balls or wide balls too. Batsman made 13 Runs only because it was the Great Batsman "Adam Gilchrist" batting. Each and every ball of that over was appreciated by the commentator that day if you all can check the audio commentators were saying only a batsman like Adam Gilchrist can drive it to the boundary.

Sree was bowling his spell with all the passion and with an urge to make his team win. The temperature was 48 degree Celcius and most of the players were wearing the towel wiping the sweat. Also, many players were wearing towel during match since they have to wipe the sweat from their hands to throw the ball. And Jiju, who the police is claiming is a bookie is a professional Ranji trophy cricketer who also had the passion to play for his country. Sree has always helped him in cricket and he used to often travel with Sree as they were from the same MRF pace foundation and became friends. And people who know Sree will never ever believe the lies and false case made aby Delhi Police officer who saved himself from the pressure of Nirabhya rape case as he was under tremendous pressure to resign. It was only to divert people's mind from his incapability and he made Sree the Scapegoat. Sreesanth has been discharged from all the fixing charges in July 2015.

A person who has throughout his life believed in giving and donating, would not stop to a level of bringing shame to his nation and put full stop to his cricketing career for merely few lakhs of rupees. He has always helped people selflessly without expecting anything in return.

Cricket is a game where you have an age limit and hence Justice delayed is justice denied.. Despite getting clean chit from the court, BCCI is still holding the matter. "Injustice anywhere is threat to Justice Everywhere"

Why is he being punished for something he never did and has been proven innocent. Besides, if they are talking about the zero tolerance for corruption why are they not taking the names of those 13 players whose names are sealed in an envelope after the findings of Mudgal committee, which was appointed by honourable court. Whey is there a double standard? Why it's only Sree, who is still fighting the matter, in spite of being proven innocent.

I hope honorary BCCI grants him to re-live his life.. which is cricket.

I really hope that you all will understand, stand and support him for his fight for justice."