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Umpire Steve Bucknor's Decision May Be final But Sachin Gets The Last Word In Wonderful Banterous Trolling Between ICC And Tendulkar 

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • Sachin Tendulkar and the ICC have engaged in a spot of banter
  • The ICC has decreed that Steve Bucknor held Sachin's ball to Vinod Kambli invalid
  • Tendulkar, however, has had the last word

Sachin Tendulkar has replied cheekily to an even more cheeky attempt by the ICC to engage in a spot of friendly banter and nostalgia with him over a wonderful nostalgia-filled moment the master blaster had shared about reuniting with Vinod Kambli on the Cricket pitch.

Here's what happened:

Tendulkar, partaking in an initiative to 'create global citizens bound through their love of cricket' via his partnership with Misslesex Cricket, had shared a quite wonderful video of himself and his old friend and teammate Vinod Kambli sparring at the nets. The video sees Tendulkar first bowling at the left-hander and then facing some balls in return. In the video, Sachin bowls from both over and around the stumps and then plays a few of his characteristic inch-perfect drives.

In his post, he spoke about his long friendship with Kambli:

However, the ICC noticed that Sachin, an accomplished bowler in every sense given the fact that he was also simultaneously the best batsman in the world for the majority of his career, was taking a few liberties with the length of the pitch, overstepping by at least a few feet.

Taking this into account, the world governing body for Cricket trolled him, posting a picture of well-known umpire Steve Bucknor who is flagging Sachin's delivery as a no-ball.

Tendulkar, ever the sport, replied tongue-in-cheek, that at least this time he was at the bowling end rather than at his usual station at the batting end.

He did, however, acknowledge that old and unshakable rule of Cricket that the Umpire's decision is final and binding:

Cricket fans have appreciated the banter: