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VIRAL: Fate In India's Hands, Watch Pakistan Analysts Debate their favourite New World Cup Conspiracy Theory

Written By Koushik Narayanan | Mumbai | Published:


  • Pakistani media has launched a fresh attack on Indian cricket team, accusing them of trying to intentionally lose their next two matches so that Pakistan doesn't go past the group stages
  • Many former Pakistani cricketers feel that India would lose to avoid facing Pakistan in the semi-finals
  • Earlier, former Pakistan cricketer Basit Ali claimed that teams have lost intentionally before like how New Zealand lost to Pakistan in 1992 because they wanted to play on their home ground

The rivalry between Pakistan and India has surpassed all bounds as Pakistan fans are now on a warpath to preemptively accuse India of trying to deliberately lose to Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, just to stop Pakistan from qualifying for the semi-finals. Ever since the complications regarding the qualifications to the semis began, Pakistan fans have accused India of trying to avoid facing Pakistan in the semi-finals and would hence lose their next two games intentionally. 

Pakistan media outlets have been hosting debates, inviting guests to talk about the importance of India's victory to Pakistan, as it is essential for the latter to qualify for the semis. Keeping the similarities between the ongoing tournament and the 1992 campaign in mind, Pakistan is pinning all hopes on India to emerge victorious in their next two outings. However, they have a ready-made template of India hatching a conspiracy to prevent Pakistan from qualifying is also on the cards. 

Here, one of the media houses hosted panel discussion where one of the panelists is seen openly making an accusation against India. saying that they will lose the match intentionally to make sure Pakistan will not be allowed to go past the group stages. Watch the video here:  

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Earlier this week, former Pakistan cricketer Basit Ali was seen making some controversial comments. The video appears to be from a TV show aired in Pakistan, where he says that India would intentionally lose to Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in order to keep Pakistan out of the semi-finals. 

Basit Ali claims that India would do anything to make sure Pakistan does not reach the semi-finals.

"India played against Afghanistan and we all saw how they played. I think they did that intentionally. Against Australia, they played brilliant innings despite knowing that they would face the likes of Warner and Finch. My advice to Pakistan is that they focus on their game against New Zealand", Basit tells the anchor. 

He goes on to say that teams have lost intentionally before like how New Zealand lost to Pakistan in 1992 because they wanted to play on their home ground. He further rubbishes the anchor's claim that cricket is an unpredictable game and tells the anchor to ask "Imran saab"(Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan) and that he would too say that New Zealand lost intentionally to Pakistan in 1992.

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